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Eat These Foods At Dinner To Lose Weight!

The US Declaration of Independence boldly asserts all men are created equally. In the nutritionists’ world, things aren’t that rosy. According to scientists, not all calories are created equally. To eat healthily, we need to have an understanding of just how different foods react to our metabolism. Intake of similar amounts of calories from different […]

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The gut mycobiome influences the metabolism of processed foods

Studies of the microbiome in the human gut focus mainly on bacteria. Other microbes that are also present in the gut—viruses, protists, archaea and fungi—have been largely overlooked. New research in mice now points to a significant role for fungi in the intestine—the communities of molds and yeasts known as the mycobiome—that are the active […]

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Why 'healthy' foods are making us FATTER

Why ‘healthy’ foods are making us FATTER: Ultra-processed foods crammed with sugar and salt account for half our calories and are lurking in places you’d least expect Ultra-processed foods so altered is hard to recognise the underlying ingredients  Evidence suggests that diets heavy in UPFs can cause overeating and obesity Consumed in isolation and moderation […]

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The worst foods for your kidneys

Your kidneys are one of the hardest-working organs in your body. Every day they filter impurities out of your blood, remove bodily wastes, produce hormones, and balance fluids. What would you do without them? Well, actually, you would die. But before we get too dark, let’s just talk about some preventative maintenance you can do […]