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New method for growing embryos outside the womb

To observe how a tiny ball of identical cells on its way to becoming a mammalian embryo first attaches to an awaiting uterine wall and then develops into nervous system, heart, stomach and limbs: This has been a highly-sought grail in the field of embryonic development for nearly 100 years. Prof. Jacob Hanna of the […]


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Health News

Oily fish consumption tied to lower type 2 diabetes risk

(HealthDay)—Consumption of oily fish, but not nonoily fish, is associated with a lower risk for type 2 diabetes (T2D), according to a study published online Jan. 11 in Diabetes Care. Guo-Chong Chen, from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City, and colleagues used data from 392,287 middle-aged and older participants (55 percent […]

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Adult stem cell study shows fish oil may help with depression

A study published in Molecular Psychiatry shows that patient-derived adult stem cells can be used to model major depressive disorder and test how a patient may respond to medication. Using stem cells from adults with a clinical diagnosis of depression, the University of Illinois at Chicago researchers who conducted the study also found that fish […]

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Fish oil supplements might help men become dads

(HealthDay)—Couples struggling to get pregnant might want to add a little more fish in their diet, a new study says. Young men who take fish oil supplements appear to have better sperm quality and higher testosterone levels than those who don’t, as well as larger testicles, researchers report. Although it wasn’t tested as part of […]


Human consumption of fish antibiotics investigated in new study

Consumers seeking cheaper, faster access to antibiotics are apparently consuming antibiotics intended for treating fish rather than humans, according to research presented at the ASHP (American Society of Health-System Pharmacists) 54th Midyear Clinical Meeting and Exhibition. This consumption may lead to dangerous unintended consequences such as adverse side-effects, treatment failures, and antibiotic drug resistance, said […]

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Important recall: vegetarian lasagna contains fish

Salmon vegetarian lasagna discovered The company Migros has launched a recall rufaktion for a vegetarian lasagna. The reason for this is a Abpackfehler, by the product of salmon.Due to this error may occur in allergic individuals, a risk to health. In addition, vegetarians should be pleased, if you consume a actually animal-free product, then that […]