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Sleep duration buffers effects of adversity among recently immigrated Latinx adolescents

While access to mental health services may be limited by financial, logistical and/or practical factors among recently migrated families, a new study by University of Houston psychology researchers suggests that maximizing sleep can offer psychological benefit to adolescents in this at-risk group. “The current study takes an important first step in identifying that short sleep […]

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Pandemic’s effects on health inequity revealed in new report

By definition, a global pandemic appears to affect everyone similarly. But upon further reflection, that’s not quite true. “It’s a profoundly unequal crisis,” said Amanda Shriwise, a visiting professor of sociology at the University of Kansas. “If you were a vulnerable subset of the population prior to the pandemic, you’re at even greater risk of […]

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Virtual reality program lessens physical side effects of hemodialysis

Hemodialysis patients routinely experience side effects such as fatigue, lightheadedness and nausea during their treatment sessions. But patients in a study who used a virtual reality program to engage in a mindfulness/meditation exercise reported that these treatment-related symptoms were greatly reduced. Patients in the study wore a head-mounted virtual reality display to participate in a […]

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All the COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects, Explained

With the Pfizer BioNTech BNT162b2 vaccine and Moderna’s mRNA-1273 vaccine currently being administered to select groups, the buzz around the COVID-19 vaccine is palpable. Public response to the idea of a vaccine has also grown more favorable, with a national survey from PEW Research Center indicating that 60 percent of Americans would definitely or probably […]

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Volunteers in covid vaccine trials describe painful side effects

Volunteers in Moderna’s and Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine trials describe miserable side effects including high fevers, chills and body aches that left them bed-ridden for a day – but insist ‘people should still get the vaccine’ when it is approved Three participants in Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine trial and two in Pfizer’s revealed their side effects to […]

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The effects of yoga on student mental health

In college, young adults go through a developmental stage in which they experience many waves of success and failures. When failure is not handled properly, students may experience mental health issues, which may be difficult to overcome. But there is an easy tool that college students can use to fight stress, anxiety, and depression—yoga. Yoga: […]


Trazodone sideeffects

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