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Widespread use of antacids continues despite long-term health risks, education campaigns

A new UNSW study has found that national initiatives were unsuccessful in reducing prolonged use of anti-acid medicines for gastrointestinal acid-related disorders and more targeted interventions are needed. Education campaigns to curb Australians’ widespread use of popular anti-acid medicines—linked to long-term health risks—have been insufficient, a new UNSW study published today in BMJ Quality & […]

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Ex-USC doctor charged with sex abuse surrenders license

George Tyndall, a former University of Southern California gynecologist charged with sexually assaulting patients, has surrendered his medical license, the state medical board announced Monday. Tyndall surrendered the license effective last Thursday, the board announced. His license would have expired next Jan. 31. The medical board suspended Tyndall’s license last year. It accused him of […]


Bringing commonsense cannabis education to the masses

When Kent Hutchison’s 70-year-old mother traveled to Colorado in 2014 to explore using marijuana to ease her chronic pain, she got different—often contradictory—advice from every dispensary she visited. Two years later, when his partner Angela Bryan asked her doctors about using cannabis to quell the side-effects from her breast cancer treatments, she was met with […]

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Does education really protect against dementia?

It will have escaped no one’s attention that dementia is on the rise. The most common type of dementia is Alzheimer’s. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, an estimated 5.7 million adults in the United States have Alzheimer’s. Primarily due to our increasing lifespan, dementia incidence is set to keep rising. Currently, there is no cure, […]