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Eat These Foods At Dinner To Lose Weight!

The US Declaration of Independence boldly asserts all men are created equally. In the nutritionists’ world, things aren’t that rosy. According to scientists, not all calories are created equally. To eat healthily, we need to have an understanding of just how different foods react to our metabolism. Intake of similar amounts of calories from different […]

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The real reason people eat in their sleep

Eating healthy is difficult as it is, but most of us are lucky enough to know that once we’re asleep at night, it’s highly unlikely that any further foodstuffs are going to make their way past our lips. For those suffering with nocturnal eating disorders, or NEDs, however, being unconscious doesn’t necessarily mean they’re done […]

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People who eat a big breakfast may burn twice as many calories

Eating a big breakfast rather than a large dinner may prevent obesity and high blood sugar, according to new research published in the Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism. Our body expends energy when we digest food for the absorption, digestion, transport and storage of nutrients. This process, known as diet-induced thermogenesis (DIT), […]