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Sex Differences in Infectious Diseases

Disease-causing pathogens encounter different host characteristics – age, physiology, nutritional status, and immune response are some basic differences which pathogens confront. However, the most striking contrast which the pathogens encounter is the gender of the host species. Women and men are different in many aspects. The interesting fact is that these differences are also observed […]

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Parkinson’s disease: Wearable sensors to track symptoms

EPFL scientists have developed algorithms that, combined with wearable sensors, could help clinicians to monitor the progression of Parkinson’s disease and assess the effects of medications commonly used by people with this neurodegenerative disorder. Parkinson’s disease affects neurons in an area of the brain that controls movement, causing tremors, difficulty walking and other motor problems. […]

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Anticoagulation and cerebral small vessel disease

Cardiovascular diseases are usually complex and affect multiple organs simultaneously. Treatments for vascular diseases in the brain may therefore have implications for the treatment of cardiac diseases. It is thus important to understand the respective causes and effects. This study explores the causes of intracerebral hemorrhages and links them to the risk of stroke associated […]

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DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Why spidery writing could mean liver disease

DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Why spidery writing could mean you’ve got liver disease Signs of serious liver problems include tiredness, confusion, itchy skin and, according to the British Liver Trust, ‘writing which becomes difficult, spidery and small’, writes Dr Michael Mosley, pictured Large, the size of a rugby ball, rubbery and reddish-brown in colour, your liver […]

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Anti-inflammatory therapies have potential to prevent heart disease in the elderly

Therapies that soothe inflammation could be an effective way to prevent heart disease in people with a common age-related blood condition, according to a new study from researchers at Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons. The researchers identified how the blood condition, called clonal hematopoiesis, worsens atherosclerosis, and their findings suggest that an […]

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Protein controlling magnesium identified as therapeutic target for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

An international team of researchers has identified the CNNM4 protein as a key regulator of magnesium in the liver and potential therapeutic target for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, according to a study published in the Journal of Hepatology. Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, a form of fatty liver disease characterized by inflammation and liver fibrosis, is associated with […]