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Parental diet affects sperm and health of future offspring

When parents eat low-protein or high-fat diets, it can lead to metabolic disorders in their adult offspring. Now, an international team led by researchers at the RIKEN Cluster for Pioneering Research (CPR) has identified a key player and the molecular events underlying this phenomenon in mice. The developmental origins of health and disease is a […]

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Why vegans and meat-eaters can't stop trolling each other

The debate over whether to eat meat or go entirely plant-based (vegan) is a hot-button issue, often filled with vitriol and name-calling online. That's because the argument is about more than just food — according to researchers, the decision to eat animals or not involves cultural, moral and political ideals as well as nutrition.  Both […]


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Health News

Type 2 diabetes: Drinking this ‘superdrink’ for breakfast could lower blood sugar

Diabetes UK, a healthcare professional and research charity, has revealed a ‘superdrink’ that has far-reaching benefits to diabetics, including lowering blood sugar levels. For one, this ‘superdrink’ contains theanine, an amino acid that controls blood pressure levels and lowers stress. READ MORE Type 2 diabetes: This popular sugar-alternative could fight condition Stress is notorious for […]