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New contrast agent for early diagnosis of brain metastases

A group of researchers led by Leif Schroeder from the Leibniz-Forschungsinstitut fuer Molekulare Pharmakologie (FMP) have found a way to detect metastases in certain types of cancer in the brain at an early stage, using only minimal amounts of contrast agent. To this end, the team uses a synthetic molecule that helps to detect the […]

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Germany has a depression problem

The people in Germany in comparison to the population of other EU States more frequently symptoms suggestive of Depression. The EU health interview survey (Ehis), the Robert Koch Institute published. Accordingly, depressive symptoms, with 9.2 percent of the respondents in Germany are significantly more likely than the EU average of 6.6 per cent. The rate […]

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Cannabis for Depression, ADHD or anxiety helps?

For two and a half years, seriously ill people in Germany may be able to receive a doctor’s prescription cannabis drugs or cannabis flowers. Around 95,000 recipes is a British pharmacies in the year 2018. Reasons for such a recipe also anxiety disorders, Tourette’s syndrome and ADHD are, in addition to chronic pain, Multiple sclerosis […]

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Five tips for the time change

On Sunday the summer time ends, then the clocks are put back at night for an hour of two o’clock. Who likes to sleep in or a Saturday night extensively want to celebrate, you can enjoy the gained hour. Many people struggle after the changeover, however, with a Mini-jet lag. In addition, the Back moves […]