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Allergic reactions can occur without the triggering Allergen – Naturopathy naturopathy specialist portal

Allergic reactions: sleep plays a crucial role Almost every third adult in Germany suffers from an Allergy. In the Affected after contact with the Allergy triggers symptoms such as coughing, Sneezing, skin redness, itching, or rash. However, allergic reactions can occur without the triggering Allergen. According to a recent communication from a research team at […]

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This Canadian woman is allergic to the COLD

Canadian woman who is allergic to the COLD fears for her life going outside where temperatures dip below -40°C and could trigger hives and cause her throat to swell up Emma Brown, 18, of Edmonton, has the condition cold urticaria  As a child, her hands would become itchy and her cheeks bright red   Now she […]

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Five cold-error, everyone has done it once

In the hands of sneezing In the morning, in the subway. A man sitting opposite, he grimaces, pulls out the rush in the pocket. But too late: He sneezes and holds the Hand in front of the face. A nice gesture actually. It is designed to prevent viruses and bacteria flying through the air. But […]