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Why being resilient won’t necessarily make you happy

We’re living in difficult and uncertain times, and are constantly reminded to stay resilient in the face of adversity. In fact, tips on how to stay strong and handle unexpected setbacks by recovering—and even growing as a person—are being thrown at us left, right and center. This sort of thing can be helpful, but we […]

Health News

COVID vaccine: How waste is being kept to a minimum

Now that COVID-19 vaccination campaigns are underway in many countries, concerns have emerged about the availability of stock, the timing of deliveries, and the potential for thousands of vaccines to be wasted at each stage of the supply chain. Because vaccines require transporting and storing at chilled temperatures—the Pfizer/BioNtech vaccine at least as low as […]

Health News

This is why being constantly online stresses you out

Feel a little frazzled after spending most of the day online? New research says that constantly checking emails, WhatsApps and Instagram, as well as browsing the web and getting notification after notification is a habit called ‘online vigilance.’ And, somewhat unsurprisingly, it stresses people out. A study published last month in Human Communication Research found […]


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