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SCOTUS Ruled Against Yet Another Anti-Abortion TRAP Law

Reproductive rights and justice activists were holding their breaths as SCOTUS decisions trickled in over the last month waiting on the ruling — June Medical Services v. Russo — that would prove to be the first major test for the current court (and President Donald Trump’s two confirmed justices Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch) on […]

Personal Health

What can be done to prevent another CRISPR crisis?

The public announcement last fall from China regarding gene editing on human embryos, conducted without the benefit of scientific review or ethical debate, was met with worldwide disdain. It also has raised global concerns that more rigorous standards must be established to guide further research efforts in germline gene therapy, according to a new article […]

Health Problems

Using 1 germ to fight another when today’s antibiotics fail

Bacteria lodged deep in Ella Balasa’s lungs were impervious to most antibiotics. At 26, gasping for breath, she sought out a dramatic experiment—deliberately inhaling a virus culled from sewage to attack her superbug. “I’m really running out of options,” said Balasa, who traveled from her Richmond, Virginia, home to Yale University for the last-resort treatment. […]