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What’s the difference between quarantine and isolation?

Preventing the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19 is key to slowing the pandemic. People who have symptoms or who have suspected or known exposure to the virus, should practice self-quarantine or self-isolation. But what do the terms mean, and which should you do? Dr. Clayton T. Cowl, a pulmonologist and chair of Mayo […]

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Real Housewives' Plastic Surgery: Before and After

Nothing to hide! Kyle Richards, Teresa Giudice, Brandi Glanville and Tamra Judge are among the Real Housewives stars who have confessed to getting plastic surgery, including breast implants, liposuction, rhinoplasty and more. In fact, some Bravo stars are so proud of their body of work that they starred in a 2019 music video for a song celebrating […]

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How to have a healthy pregnancy and birth during the pandemic

Having a baby, under any circumstances, is a daunting endeavor, especially the first time around. Somehow, your ordinary body has to grow a brand-new human, appropriately feeding it as you may battle morning sickness, heartburn, and cravings for foods that are healthy to neither of you — meanwhile avoiding the dangers of hot tubs, hair […]

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Study finds natural caffeine offers longer-lasting improvement on cognition and moods

A team of Clarkson University researchers recently published an article in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Nutrients that shows natural caffeine has a more consistent and lasting effect than synthetic caffeine when it comes to cognition and moods. Associate Physical Therapy Professor Ali Boolani teamed up with Associate Mathematics Professor Sumona Mondal, Ph.D. Student Daniel Fuller, […]