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Why Sex keeps the man healthy – Video-office hours

Sexual activity not only promotes physical health. Sex also stimulates the production of hormones, especially of the male hormone testosterone. The Hamburg Professor of men’s health, Dr. med says. Frank Summer.

Sexual activity is beneficial to health. In relation to physical Fitness is the sexual equivalent of the act, for example, a 10 – to 20-minute tighten-speed through the forest. Through sexual activity, if it is done with pleasure and with satisfaction until orgasm is running, it will be distributed at the same time hormones of happiness. In men, testosterone levels rise.

Sexual activity increases testosterone

Testosterone is the king hormone of the man. It is used for many important functions, is responsible, for example, for drive, sexual Desire and physical Fitness.

In a study the testosterone levels of men was compared in the age above 50 years. A part of the participants was three Times a week sexually active, the other part of the men had no sexuality. The men, who are three times a week sexually active, had double the values so high testosterone, as the comparison group that was not sexually active. In it, you will see how important is the sexuality of the man is to be further testosterone levels, the king hormone of the man power.“