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What helps cramps with frequent calf?

Many people have regular painful cramps in the calves, which often occur at night. Tried-and-true measures such as Stretching and Magnesium are not in all patients success. The calf cramps are severe and occur repeatedly, could supplements help with quinine. A recent study shows that they are effective and well tolerated, such as the German society for neurology (DGN) reported in a press release.

Leg cramps usually occur suddenly, and prepare to be in hellish pain. Most often the nightmare doesn’t last long, so no action is needed unless the cramps occur on a regular basis. Then we can move according to the DGN preparations with quinine, a bitter substance from the bark of the South American Cinchona tree, is used. The fabric gives in low dose drinks such as Bitter Lemon or Tonic Water its characteristic taste.

Quinine-Präparate prescription in Germany are subject to

In the current guideline for the treatment of muscle cramps, the supplements are recommended but only if all of the treated excluded from indirect causes, and magnesium therapy has been tried. This recommendation could be obsolete, according to the DGN: A recent study shows the excellent efficacy and tolerability of quinine sulfate in adult patients with very frequent or particularly painful nocturnal calf spasms. "The number, duration, and pain intensity of night-time calf cramps had decreased in the majority of patients and that was the side-effect profile tolerabel", author Prof. Dr. Hans-Christoph Diener says in the first place. Adverse drug reactions were not occurred at 35 of 592 patients, severe adverse side effects at all. "I think it is possible, these drugs are less restrictive than the guidelines currently vorsehen", servant says. The only one in Germany approved quinine-containing drug is since 2015, the prescription.

Stretching and Magnesium against Wadenkräspasms?

To prevent muscle spasms, to be recommended in the guidelines currently regular passive stretching of the calf muscles, for example, by bending the torso in the Stand without the heels losing contact with the ground. The effectiveness has been evaluated in different studies, but different, a clear evidence is missing. Similarly, the intake is recommended by Magnesium, although the efficacy is not sufficiently documented.

"A therapeutic trial but should be in any case taken. Many patients report that it relieves cramps in you the inclination to muscle. If it is not overdosed, Magnesium is also safe and has no Nebenwirkungen", Dr. Rainer Lindemuth, first author of the guideline said. Caution is only offered to people with reduced kidney function should discuss a long-term use of Magnesium with your doctor.


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