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What has destroyed the liver so?

The eyes are discolored yellow, the liver is inflamed, the legs swollen: Everything suggests that the man suffers from alcohol-related Hepatitis. However, the 38-years old from the Indian state of Kerala claims to have in his life not a drop of beer, wine, or liquor to drink.

To causes other than alcohol for the inflammation of the liver, to exclude, to test the Doctors the man on Hepatitis A, B, C, and E, which are caused by viruses. The results are negative. Also other pathogens, drugs, heavy metals or pesticides, which could cause the symptoms, you can’t prove it. An autoimmune disease, the Doctors are also closing.

Biopsy confirmed the suspicion

Because you do not know, and decide to the doctors for a biopsy. The trial revealed how hard the the patient’s liver is already damaged. The Organ is scarred and inflamed. In addition, it has accumulated fat. The Doctors diagnose cirrhosis of the liver. The Patient suffered previously under a fatty liver, alcohol abuse, a so-called alcohol hepatitis, and then cirrhosis developed according to their acceptance of it first.

You have growing doubts about the abstinence of their patients. Again and again they confront him and his family with the unambiguous laboratory results. Consult a psychologist and a psychiatrist, to him, to elicit the perceived truth. However, the Patient remains: He lives celibate.

The 38-Year-old told, however, that he had contacted a few weeks ago to a homeopath, because his eyes are yellow and discolored. The cause of this is the so-called Gilbert’s syndrome, the Doctors in the journal “BMJ Case Reports reports”. If the Affected is an enzyme defect, which ensures that degradation products of the red blood pigment haemoglobin can be excreted.

Therefore, the yellow breakdown product Bilirubin accumulates, eyes, and skin of the Affected can become discolored and yellowish. However, this is generally not dangerous. Other complaints do not occur in Gilbert’s syndrome, also known as Morbus Meulen gracht, mostly. A therapy is actually superfluous.

But the homeopath prescribed nevertheless, the tablets and a solution. After the Patient had taken the funds for two weeks, he felt sleepy, lethargic, and speech indistinct. The homeopath is reduced then the volume of the solution increased but the number of tablets. After two weeks, the eyes and the urine of the patient are discolored deep yellow, and the legs would swell sent to the homeopath to him in the hospital in Kerala.

There, the medics, now analyze the supposedly harmless agent with a mass spectrometer, and The Patient lived far from celibate, as he himself believed. The homeopathic remedies included an alcohol concentration of 18.3 percent.

“Many, many bottles”

In itself this is not dangerous. Wine liqueurs such as Sherry or port wine, contain a similar amount of alcohol. However, the liver of the patient was already attacked and had developed into a so-called fatty liver. The reason is the diet of the patient is probably. When he comes to the hospital, his Body Mass Index above 35. Thus, he is considered to be severely obese.

Taken to how much alcohol the 38-Year-old in recent weeks, had, can no longer find, because he had not lifted the empty packaging. His wife, however, has reported “many, many bottles”.

To protect the liver of the patient, put him to the Doctors on a diet, and administering him anti-inflammatory drugs. The values improve, then something. However, cirrhosis of the liver is not curable. It leads to a gradual failure of the liver, because healthy tissue dies, and by giving Bonding replaced.

In the long term, the 38-needs a organ Years of transplantation. Because no one donation comes from the family for a part of the liver of the question, is he on the waiting list for donor organs from the deceased.

However, the waiting time is too long. The condition of the patient deteriorates because of several infections rapidly. Six weeks after he was hospitalized, dying of failure of the Patient to multiple organ.