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Vegans in the UK are twice as often sick as your-vegan colleagues

People who eat completely without animal products, take free in the UK around five days per year due to illness. This is twice as often as the average Briton, shows a new study, which is our editors and created in the name of the brand “Fisherman’s Friend”. It shows that Vegans succumb and nearly twice as often disease of the dangers of the winter Season rather limited as Non-Vegans.

The study was carried out among 1000 office workers in the UK. The reasons for the higher disease rate are unclear.

Non-vegan employees were absent less often

In addition, two-thirds of the respondents indicated that they were more days than in previous years due to minor illness complaints. In the case of the non-vegan employees, only 50 percent said, however, that they were missing more frequently than in previous years due to illness. A third of the Non-Vegans needed less sick days than in previous years.

The study also revealed that Millennials, i.e., people born between 1981 and 2000, three times more likely to report sick than their colleagues who are 55 years of age or older.