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Urologist gives helpful advice: So you recognize the threat of erection problems

You are strength satisfied in bed? Or you have the feeling that there is a lack last a bit of strength? Erection problems are not so rare and always highly subjective: “One speaks of erectile dysfunction, if a man is pleased with how hard his Penis is”, says private lecturer Dr. Tobias Jäger. He is a urologist and andrologist, and the Executive Board of the German society for men and health.

It is not always possible for a medical cause. Also, mental stress, Stress at work or fear of failure often play a role. However, even if so far everything is going well – there are some early warning signs that may indicate the threat of erectile dysfunction. Here are six of them:

1. You think much less about Sex

Earlier you have thought of several times a day to Sex – such as the ideas shoot them, but barely the head. This must not mean anything: Perhaps you just have Stress at work, robs you of the energy. It can, however, put something else behind it: “If you think significantly less than other Sex, that can be an early warning sign for erection problems,” says Dr. hunter.

A libido deficiency often occurs very early in a testosterone deficiency. “This is especially true if there will be any more early symptoms such as listlessness,” says the andrologist. He recommends to do in such a case, a blood test: “Behind such symptoms can hide a lot – for example, an underactive thyroid.”

2. You have put on weight

Also being Overweight is not good for the erection. If movement add to this deficiency, this encourages the risk for various diseases, which affect the stability. “Something like that, to exclude, we always do a blood test, if someone suffering from erection problems comes to us,” says the andrologist.

Due to Overweight, the risk for Diabetes is increasing, for example. The disease causes damage to, in turn, the vessels – and sometimes first problems with erection. Obesity and lack of exercise also increase the risk for high blood pressure – and can also affect the stability. In addition, the risk of bad blood is rising with the Obesity fat values. These also have a negative impact on the vessels in the corpora cavernosa.

3. You take certain medications

Some medications increase the risk for erection problems – this includes certain antidepressants. So-called SSRIs can cause sexual dysfunction. “This is a extreme blockage can occur,” says Dr hunter. Sometimes a man can get an erection – but for many it is difficult or it takes a very long time to come to ejaculation.

Other drugs may also have a negative impact on the ability to have an erection. “In addition, many common medicines count right,” says the andrologist, for example, cholesterol-lowering drug, blood pressure medication or a different pain reliever. (What are the STDs you will in eight should take, read here)

4. You are suffering from sleep disorders

Problems with sleep can have many causes – for example, a decline in testosterone levels. “Sleep problems are a classic reference to testosterone deficiency,” says the andrologist. If a testosterone deficiency, a blood test to check.

“If, in fact, a testosterone deficiency is present, then it leads to the lack of hormones,” says Dr. hunter. Incidentally, this is a cash performance: testosterone plays an important role in the entire metabolism, including the utilization of fats and sugars.

5. Do you miss your morning erection

Even before you are really awake, it is also another part of your body – at least that used to be so: the Involuntary erections in the night and especially towards Morning. You suddenly, isn’t that a warning sign that something is wrong. “A lack of morning erections may also indicate a testosterone deficiency,” says Dr. hunter. Here, too, he recommends a blood test.

6. You make strength and take supplements

“In the past years, we have increasingly more cases of erection problems in connection with motor sport,” says the andrologist. Many men take great amount of protein to promote muscle growth. “Often, testosterone preparations.” Especially the latter can have a negative impact on the ability to have an erection. The suffers not only when the level of testosterone is too low, but also when he becomes too strong.

In principle, the following applies: he Who is not with his erection satisfied, you should go to the doctor, to lie in the ideal case, a Andro. A bad idea, it is, however, to provide on your own the Internet by means such as Viagra. “This is something you should take never without a prior physical examination,” says Dr. hunter.

Added to this is A large Problem, the dosage of the agent, which can sometimes obscure pages on the Internet or abroad to buy. “Sometimes they are dosed far too low significantly too high, and sometimes very different active ingredients are included on the package are specified”, – said the expert.

Viagra is by the way, in the meantime, in Germany, law is inexpensive, since the Patent has expired on the active ingredient. The drug is prescription-only. “But it has to be anyone uncomfortable, be redeemed a prescription in the pharmacy,” says the andrologist. “For the pharmacist and for the Doctors, this is everyday life.”

This article was Berentzen written by Maria