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Tracking the Corona-Warning App relies on Bluetooth how dangerous the radiation exposure?

The letter B on a blue Background – probably as good as any Smartphone user should know the Symbol for Bluetooth. In everyday life, the technology is now more frequently used than even a few years ago. In many areas, it eliminates annoying cable: So the headphones and printer can be via Bluetooth, for example, connect with the Smartphone. Also car radios, the wireless mouse and the Smartwatch will connect with the technology seamlessly.


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The official Corona-Warning App, the Federal government also uses the short-range radio. According to information from the Federal government, the application uses the so-called “Bluetooth Low Energy”technology that measures the distance and the encounter duration between different users. The technology to consume compared to a normal Bluetooth is significantly less power. But how does the application work at all?

The “risk identification” of the App is activated, it sends the Smartphone in a distance of a few minutes, a temporary identification number (ID) in the surrounding area. At the same time, the device is trying to receive Bluetooth signals from other users. Another App user is in the immediate vicinity, the devices exchange device IDs. Also, the duration of the encounter can be determined. The random codes are encrypted and do not allow conclusions on the user or its location.


The Corona App and the limits of Bluetooth: "As completely inflated expectations geschürt&#034 be;

Bluetooth was originally designed for the Coupling of individual devices invented and is alienated for the App now, it’s “purpose”. The technique has three transmit power classes: class 1 is intended for applications up to approximately 100 meters. Class 2 is sufficient for normal use in offices and bridges distances of up to a few tens of meters. The third class of functions, however, in the immediate vicinity. The transmission power in these classes is limited to a maximum of 2.5 milliwatts (mW) or a maximum of 1 mW.

“No harmful effects proven”

“Most of the equipment already on the market, such as, for example, Headsets for mobile phones, belong to the classes 2 and 3,” writes the Federal office for radiation protection (BfS). The App uses Bluetooth Low Energy is assigned to any of these classes. However, the transmission power can be with the existing levels compare: it is in the same range as the commercially-available class 2 and has a ten-Meter transmission range.

Similar to the use of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology, produces high-frequency electromagnetic fields. People that are in the vicinity of the transmitting Wi – Fi or Bluetooth devices, are exposed to these fields necessarily. The Federal office for radiation protection recommends to minimize these situations, but also points to the fact that Bluetooth transmitters in the classes 2 and 3 exceed the recommended maximum values. In compliance with the values “are demonstrated according to current knowledge no harmful effects on body tissue”, so the BfS.

The use of Bluetooth technology in the context of the App finds both encouragement as well as criticism. Some experts criticize that the technology can, for example, represent the actual risk of infection. Shut-off walls, plexiglass Windows, but also the Wearing of masks may not capture the App. Perhaps, as experts, believe the App could strike more frequently than necessary. Worse, as Virologist Melanie Brinkmann, but it was the opposite case: It was better, the App will give you “a few Times too often, an Alarm than rare,” said the star.

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