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This is the reason why fat people get ill more likely to be cancer

Obesity is in every way bad: It causes damage to the joints, increases the risk of developing Diabetes and could even lead to cancer. Why the latter is so, it was a long time in the dark.

Scientists have now found an explanation as to why obese people suffer more likely to get cancer. The “BBC” reported. It could be a kind of cell that the body needs to destroy cancer tissue. The cell is clogged but with fat, not to their original function. The a Team from Trinity College in Dublin.

One of 20 cancer cases will be caused, therefore, by being Overweight. Although Smoking is (according to Cancer Research UK in the UK) is still the largest preventable cause of Cancer, right then obesity follows. In the UK, 22,800 fewer people develop cancer annually as a result of obesity. Worldwide, there are around 500,000 people each year are diagnosed with cancer.

Children doctor warns

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Obesity and cancer: the connection for years occupied

The connection between Obesity and cancer, many people do not know, he is a diseases, according to Rudolf Kaaks, head of the Department of epidemiology of cancer at the German cancer research center, and for years occupied. According to conservative estimates, at least five to six percent of all cancer cases could be brought back. “The list of types of cancer, in the development of probably Obesity plays a role, is getting longer and longer,” says Kaaks. Only obesity is not considered as a risk factor – even slim people with a lot of abdominal fat have an increased risk.

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Who is already obese, you should lose weight, advise researchers. This reduces the risk of developing cancer. The study was published in “Nature Immunology Journal”. The scientists describe how the cancer cells of the body fight to be clogged with fat. You hope that you will find drug treatments that can restore the natural killer cells

“Although we know that obesity increases the risk of 13 different cancers that we understand the mechanisms that underlie the connection, not quite,” said Leo Carlin from the Beatson Institute of Cancer Research UK, the “BBC”. “This study shows how fat molecules prevent immune cells to position their tumor-killing machinery properly, and offers new possibilities to investigate treatment.”

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