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The urine indicates disease

In the ideal case, it is pale yellow and odorless, but on some days the views of the own urine frightened. Because of its color and smell can vary greatly. He is green, pink or dark, the harmless may be discolored or have a reason to go to the doctor.

About two liters of urine eliminated from an adult every day – sometimes even more. “How much exactly it is, depends on the amount they drink,” says Daniela Schultz-Lampel, member of the management Board of the German society for urology. All of the fluids that everyone puts in his body, it must utilize or excrete, in the Form of sweat and urine. Produced urine in our kidneys. Here, toxic substances and other substances that can not utilize the body are filtered from the blood and excreted in the urine.

Green and frothy

A person is healthy, the urine of 95 percent water. The residual degradation products, urea, acids and salts, for example, are. The regular color is light to dark yellow. “The less someone drinks, the deep yellow of the urine,” explains Schultz-Lampel.

Persistent dark yellow urine can be an indication of liver or biliary disease. Orange colored urine may be due to the intake of certain medications. Behind cloudy urine can be a urinary tract infection. “More rarely a greenish-coloured urine,” says Schultz-Lampel. Then infection with bacteria may be. Certain medications such as antidepressants can cause this coloration also.

Foamy urine is a sign that the kidney something is not right is might, or that remnants of cleaning agents are in the toilet.

Note on a Tumor

Foods are another cause of non-yellow urine: blue berries for example, pink coloring him. Also, a reddish discoloration can be harmless: Beetroot or large amounts of raspberries could lead to.

Can be spontaneous that no explanation for the reddish color of the urine to find and take the red color, but it should be a visit to the doctor. Because blood in urine can be a sign of a serious medical condition. The same applies to black urine: can even be an indication of a Tumor.

“In women, the most common cause of blood in the urine is a urinary tract infection,” says Matthias Orth. He is the chief doctor of the Institute for laboratory medicine at the Marienhospital in Stuttgart. Also, a kidney inflammation and injury of the kidneys or of the bladder can be behind blood in the urine. Reddish urine can also be indicative of a Tumor or kidney stones. “Is blood in the urine, it must necessarily be clarified urological visit to you,” said Orth.

Also the smell is crucial

In addition to the color, the smell of urine reveals a lot about the state of health. “Normally, fresh urine has no smell,” explains Schultz-Lampel. The smell arises only later, when bacteria decompose the urine. However, fresh urine can smell, which usually is harmless. Odors can occur in the food due to, for example, after the consumption of asparagus, onions and medications.

Does your urine smell strongly of ammonia, this can be an indication of a urinary tract infection. A sweet odor indicates Diabetes. Does your urine smell fishy, then an infection in the genital area is especially in women is often. The cause can be a urinary tract infection or bladder infection, a sexually transmitted disease. A smell of rotten eggs may be caused by a Tumor in the urinary tract area.

A reliable diagnosis is not easy

Basically, as soon As the urine about two to three visits to the toilet, in addition to color as smell are changed, this should be medically examined. “This is especially true when pain, fever, and malaise are added,” says Schultz-Lampel.

To come to a diagnosis to be made, among other things, urine tests. Such Tests are for consumers available in the pharmacy. Here, experts, however, warn against misinterpretation of the results.

But the doctor made, in a laboratory examined the urine samples could lead to false Findings, explained the chief doctor Orth. “So about the blood can be attributed in the urine of women on menstrual blood.” Cleaning agents in the urine sample, could also lead to erroneous laboratory results.

Conclusion: A careful look under the water is worth it because of the urine can be an important warning sign for diseases.