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The taboo subject of impotence: Why are affected more and more young men

Problems with potency have been under the 45-Year-old, one in four is affected. FOCUS Online explains the reasons how men successfully can help and what new treatments are there, such as shock waves and Stent, as well as almost forgotten, but very successful as the corpora cavernosa implants.

This breakdown in the bed every man knows, if he is honest. Blame on the unique or rare penis strike Stress or too much alcohol. The next Time, everything works mostly as intended. However, more and more young men are noticing that you have over months always problems to achieve an erection or to maintain, sufficient for satisfactory sexual activity – that is the correct medical Definition of Erectile dysfunction or erectile dysfunction is, by the way, colloquially impotence.

“From impotence we speak, however reluctantly, because the term is often perceived as pejorative and a General inability to” describes, explains private lecturer Markus Margreiter, head of the outpatient clinic for andrology and Erectile dysfunction at the Vienna University clinic for urology.

So far, doctors have observed that men with age, Erectile dysfunction (ED) suffer. A recent study (German Male Sex-Study) with more than 10,000 men were laid open, that already a quarter of the 45-Year-old ED symptoms showed, considerably more young men than in the past.

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Classic risk factors for erectile dysfunction affects more men than in the past

Why more and more, even younger men are affected on the basis of three explanatory models to illustrate:

1. Apart from Smoking, the other risk factors such as Obesity, lack of exercise, Diabetes is more likely to occur. Obesity and Diabetes affect up to a quarter more men than in the 90s.

Performance society creates pressure to

2. A digitization of sexuality – this point applies especially to younger men who grew up with the Computer, so to speak. “The reality is not all that promises us the virtuality”, summarizes Markus Margreiter this point. Paper was still a patient, so the Internet is quite of endless talk – and just as unlimited possibilities of virtual Performance of say are penis benefits.

Men’s hard and soft – a spin cycle for the male Psyche

3. The current gender role to men. “The demands of masculinity are contradictory and inconsistent”, criticized the urologist. Men should be extremely masculine and tough, not “wuss” and “wimp”, on the other hand, sensitive and loving.

This contradiction confused and under pressure. A study of men with erectile dysfunction illustrates the. Therefore, men with ED significantly more social pressure showed a more negative sexual self-esteem and a more negative body image than men without Erectile dysfunction.

“First of all, the combination of the various factors, which run in parallel, increases the risk for ED significantly,” summarizes the expert

What can men do against potency problems

Failures in bed to occur, it is worthwhile for the man in every case to search for the causes – is it maybe too much Stress? Then relaxation breaks and stress management, or simply with your partner to go on holiday – then it works again as desired. Further opportunities for self-help with ED:

  • Alcohol omit
  • Diet change
  • Stop Smoking
  • Exercise – pelvic floor strengthening

“Alone with these measures, we can 25 percent of men and set things right bring,” promises Markus Margreiter, where they were while Smoking even more.

It is important, with these lifestyle changes as early as possible to start.

And how it looks with potency pills from the net? Of such drugs, the expert advised against, because of counterfeit and non-audited products can be including. The trade in counterfeit drugs exceeds, in the meantime, the drug trade, by far, he warns. In the case of border controls in Austria and Germany more counterfeit impotence drugs were discovered as a drug.

ED can be a Symptom of a serious disease

But it is safest for the man to leave the problems in a timely manner by the doctor to clarify. Because ED can be the first signs for any other treatment-requiring disease, such as hormone disorders, Diabetes, vascular and nerve damage. “And up to 20 percent of men with severe ED can develop within a few years of severe cardiovascular problems, if these men do not seek medical help,” warns the urologist.

Particularly useful: Every man about 35 to 40 years should go to the urologist for a first Checkup, before there are problems. Everything is then in order, he needs to come in 5 to 10 years. And be discovered at the first examination appointment special risk factors or irregularities, it can be selectively controlled, so that later on in the first place, no major problems occur.

New therapies for erectile dysfunction

“The PDE5 inhibitors remain the Foundation of the ED therapy, you are a milestone,” says Markus Margreiter. In addition to Viagra and appropriate tablet however, there are also newer approaches that are promising and Markus Margreiter, among other things, in his new guide “man 2020” describes.

These are for example:

Shock wave therapy: over the last few years this treatment will be based, among other things, also from the Orthopaedics is known to the Penis for the treatment of erectile dysfunction applied. “The shock wave therapy uses energy, low-intensity acoustic waves, in the corpora cavernosa to trigger a neovascularization process,” he explains the principle. Furthermore, the formation of new blood vessels and the microcirculation, which is especially important for an erection, is improved. It is recommended that application once per week for six to eight weeks.

Stent put: Often is the cause of the ED is a blood circulation disorder, sometimes by a narrowing of the blood vessels, the through the pelvis to the Penis lead. “With the minimally invasive catheter-based stent treatment of the narrowing of the blood vessels expanded and the blood flow is optimized, again, quite similar to the treatment of a narrowed blood vessel to the heart attack,” says the lecturer. The procedure is performed through a small skin incision in the groin, the used Stents are only one to two millimeters in diameter. Hold the vessel open, the flow is again correct.

Stem cell therapy: “The idea behind it is that the body’s own stem cells can be used in any cells convert and so that the tissue can regenerate itself.”, describes Markus Margreiter. However, this method is for the treatment of ED in scientific testing. Thus, it is investigated whether the stem tissue cells from fat or blood platelets are removed.

Cavernous body implant of the unjustly forgotten help for erectile dysfunction

A decades-proven method of treatment is for men who are with non-surgical therapy options of dissatisfied, available, the corpora cavernosa implant. However, many Doctors have this treatment option on the Plan.

How it works: The two corpora cavernosa implants plus pump can be used via a tiny incision between the Penis and the scrotum. The pump is placed in the testicles, and the implants in the penis shaft. If necessary, the artificial threshold can be the body by gently Pressing the testes inflating.

“Everything is not visible from the outside – and in numerous studies it has been found that men are very satisfied with this solution”, highlights the urologist, the number of ED patients treated with it. The Implantation is performed a short hospital stay and is partially paid by the funds.

The most important advice of the experts for men is Not a false Performance pressure, because love and Sex are supposed to be fun. And if there is really something does not work, as man wants it, then it is best to go to the doctor, there is, for almost every Problem in this area a solution.