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The medicine-Podcast, The diagnosis goes in the new season – listen here Dangerous beads

Enigmatic diseases and Doctors, the detectives are: In the stern-Podcast “diagnostic” reports from physicians of their most exciting cases of the disease. 16 episodes of the popular section have already been published. In them Doctors patients tell, often many years of suffering in history – and which eventually helped. Now the popular medical Thriller goes in a new season.

The first episode is a dramatic case: A woman returns from a vacation and must be brought to the ambulance in the emergency room of a Hamburg hospital. She is in her mid 50 and health at the end. She looks emaciated, hallucinating, and can not run anymore. What we notice is that The sodium concentration in your blood is too low. Excrete the kidneys too little water?

Saline infusions and medications to normalize the sodium level in your blood. But the condition of woman is improved. Finally, they reported a therapy that she had started a few weeks ago. A pack of pitch black beads brings to the attention of the Doctors.

All 16 episodes of “diagnosis” to be listened

The Podcast “The diagnosis” with Dr. Anika Geisler every two weeks – on Audio Now, the new platform of RTL Radio Deutschland, and on Spotify and iTunes. So far have appeared in the series:

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