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So many days we are missing due to sick leave in the Job

With the onset of the wet and cold Season of the sick: the flu or colds to hit the waiting room at the doctor fill. And the offices are empty. But how often we are on year really sick? And which conditions provide the most common for a yellow glow?

The technician health insurance (TK) has to be evaluated in your health report to 2018 the data of around five million policyholders. Accordingly, each acquisition was written-working in the year 2017 statistically 15,12 days sick. Thus, the number of sick days fell from 2016 to 2017 to around 0.13 days. The conclusion of the study authors: “In the year 2017 were written, the people get sick less often, a single period of sickness lasted, on average, but a little longer.”

Neck pain

The Name of the sage plant derives from the Latin word “salvare”, to heal. In fact, the Plant has antibacterial and inhibits the growth of viruses and fungi. To anti effect Sept decongestant, and vessel is yet to come-sealing characteristics, contained in the essential Oil thujone has an analgesic effect. The experts of the Commission E, an expert panel for herbal medicines, rates for mouth and throat inflammation, therefore, to gargle with sage tea.


➝ Pour over a teaspoon of dried sage leaves with half a Liter of boiling water.

➝ Ten minutes and the tea strain.

➝ Gargle several times a decay every day until the discomfort.

Colds, and back pain

In fact, the classic flu and common cold diseases are among the most common causes for Sick-leave. Acute infections of the respiratory tract, but also back pain and infections of the stomach and intestines, forcing us most, to stay at home.

Most of the sick days come together, however, by other diseases. Statistically 2,82 days of absence per head is attributable to muscle-skeleton-diseases, in purely mathematical terms, this corresponds to a fifth of all absences (almost 19 percent). Behind it, mostly back pain. Women often suffer from mental illness.

A cold is caused by cold no. Viruses trigger a cold or the flu. But: “When the body fights a the beginning of the end of the infection and freezes, this can be the famous icing on the cake,” says Martin Scherer, Director of the Institute for General medicine at the University hospital in Hamburg-Eppendorf. There is also the Hypothesis that the nasopharyngeal mucous membrane in the cold, more vulnerable to virus infections, but it is not scientifically proven.

In the provinces there are large differences in the inability to work: At the top of the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (19.5 hours), Saxony-Anhalt (19,2 days) and Brandenburg (of 19.1 days). In Baden-Württemberg, however, the people in the cut were only 12.4 days unable to work. Behind the Bavarians to follow, with 13 days.

A development of the studies show authors concerned: “In the analysis of the statistics, a significant increase at the end of the working life, the us society and social policy sit up and take notice: More than one in two employees retires before the official retirement age from the working life, including 13.5 per cent as a result of disability, incapacity for work or severe disability.”

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