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Smoking and alcohol increase the risk for sudden infant death syndrome

Children of mothers who drank through the first trimester of pregnancy in addition to alcohol and Smoking, had, according to a new study, a 12-fold increased risk for sudden infant death syndrome. Were compared with children whose mothers do not, or only until the end of the first trimester of Pregnancy smoked and drank alcohol.

Smoking during pregnancy increases the risk for sudden infant death syndrome, is already known for a long time. The US Department of health funded Safe-Passage study showed that the risk increased significantly if the mothers-to-be during pregnancy, not only Smoking, but also alcohol drinking.

Smoking and alcohol is the most toxic combination

For a year, the researchers observed 94 percent of the approximately 12,000 newborns to five locations, where it arrived 28 times to the sudden infant death syndrome. Combined Smoking and Drinking after the first trimester of pregnancy increased in these cases, the risk is almost twelve-fold. Smoking alone increased it by five times, and alcohol alone four times. The results suggest the study authors from South Dakota to the fact that the combination of alcohol and tobacco have a synergetic effect on the risk.

The results underline how important it is during pregnancy Smoking neither to drink nor to. Also, women planning a pregnancy should be aware that alcohol and cigarettes are harmful.