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Products with cannabis active ingredient CBD: business with the Psyche of people

Cautiously, Nico Schack instilled with a Pipette a little of the Oil in the coffee. The price of the Cup has doubled almost. In the “Café Canna” in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg, you can have from a hot drink for € 1.80 extra charge with an equally hyped as controversial drug – legal – industrial hemp put. It’s about Cannabidiol, CBD. High you do not, will be insured by the operator. A balancing effect, and rather soothing, the coffee should act-add-on. Tastes at the end, a little more bitter than normal.

Another active ingredient of Cannabis is likely to be well-known: Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It is for the noise effect of the drug responsible. The psychiatrist Kurosch Yazdi, head of the addiction Department at the Kepler University hospital in Linz, Austria, describes how CBD is “a piece of far as the opposite of THC”: It has no addiction potential and does not affect the Driving ability. Obtained CBD in Europe from a varieties which may contain a maximum of 0.2 per cent THC.

Alleged Promise Of Salvation

Why CBD without the noise effect is being asked for? One reason is the alleged effects against various ailments, and also for celebrities such as US Star Kim Kardashian and Influencer reports. Against Stress, anxiety and menstrual pain, or for faster fall Asleep. On some websites it is advertised with a CBD-enriched Oil like a miracle product: “Helps against Diabetes (type 2)”. Such advertising claims for dietary supplements are prohibited. “Once or twice a day 1-2 drops for 25 seconds under the tongue”, the report says. Ten milliliters of such Oil can cost around 80 euros.

Over-production after legalization

Grass without end: Canada can’t keep up with the Weed

In 2018 CBD-coffee, went to Relax as the New York Trend by the media. For a while experts are experiencing a Boom in Germany: Oils, capsules, gummy bears, gum or cosmetics – all sorts of Goods are advertised with the add-on. It was a rampant market, Numbers to manufacturers and dealers in this country, nobody can know, says an industry expert. After observing the consumers Central the Internet is the main hub, but also more and more shops to shoot out of the ground, such as Wiebke Franz from the consumer explained Central Hesse.

The legal situation is uncertain. “There is no reasonable regulation”, says Georg Wurth of the German hemp Association. It was a “gray to black market”. One of the questions is whether CBD products without the approval of the European Commission as a novel food placed on the market – so far to the CBD were made only two such requests. Authorities and consumers also Central my: no, unaudited not for sale. Manufacturers claim, however, about the long Tradition of hemp use. The different interpretations of the law deal with dishes.

Even if sometimes the article will disappear from the shelves: The offer is still wide. Responsible for Monitoring Food inspectors in the municipalities. “We create but already hardly the controls,” says a Berlin district office behind his Hand. Lack of staff and always new Internet Shops, you do not keep up with you there. Not only in the capital, it course so, confirm experts.

CBD flowers as “smoked goods”

To protect against Trouble some providers are using loopholes: On CBD-flowers, as they were during raids in Berlin Späti been seized, is “smoked goods”. These are needed in case of Ex-Stoners who want to stop the noise as a Joint replacement. CBD Oil is declared as an aromatic oil, for example, for a pillow.

Cannabis on prescription

This man wants to make Germany high

The wild growth goes even further: studies have shown that the specified CBD dosage always corresponds to the facts – sometimes was less, sometimes more. Also, to high THC-levels were found according to consumer centers already. Sometimes simple hemp oil from the hemp seed will be offered so expensive that it could be kept for CBD Oil, says the cafe operator Schack.

The new industry Association, cannabis business is aware of the problem that clients hardly glance: it is Planned to establish a quality seal for CBD products to life and to create standards of Analysis, announces President Stefan Meyer.

What the CBD provides for the health, is again another topic. The research is at the beginning. While there is evidence of anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effect, so the consumption of Central-expert Franz. These are backed up by clinical studies. Also questions about dosage, safety, side – effects and interactions are unclear.

The example in the hemp shop available CBD products are almost dosed always so low that they had no effect, says expert Yazdi. The “supposedly effects” were “pure profiteering”. In order to achieve a higher effective doses would have to take very large amounts. “At the high doses, the positive effects are necessary, but expect to potentially side effects,” said Yazdi. Such higher-dose CBD products would therefore be a case for pharmacies, he says.

“Business with the Psyche of a people”

The drug expert Gerd Glaeske of the University of Bremen assumes buyer CBD-containing products knew often that the prescription of cannabis forms a medical Benefit offering. He sees the CBD offering as “a business with the Psyche and the hope of the people”.

In fact, as Pharmaceutical CBD for the treatment of two serious and rare epilepsy forms in children, is approved. It as “a gentle, natural product applied, some parents erroneously,” said the German society for Clinical neurophysiology and Functional imaging recently. In studies, some children had “” side effects such as severe fatigue, fever, loss of appetite, and diarrhea.

The fact that CBD-consumer reports, for example, pain relief, explain Yazdi, according to “pretty sure the Placebo effect” to. “The people are longing to a miracle cure that has no side effects.” Ultimately, he deems it “harmless” if low-dose CBD products to be taken: “not to the point of harm.” The larger Problem remains for the author of the book “The Cannabis lie” of the active ingredient THC: Yazdi is against a trivialization of marijuana.

To Berlin’s Café, which bears the Logo of a small hemp leaf, be come people who suspected the drug under the counter, told Schack. “But how stupid would that be?” Also food control be your been there. Until results are available, it will take. A risk should be consumers, but be aware: Even the legal contained THC-amounts could cause the first drug test be positive, the fact Nico Schack points in the conversation as a precaution.

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