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Prevent stroke: Every day, 30 minutes walking

70 percent of all strokes are preventable, particularly through exercise. It is not about sporting excellence: 150 minutes moderate exercise per week to a stroke prevent. The Foundation German stroke help.

A stroke is the third leading cause of death and the most common reason for disability in the adulthood in Germany. Many strokes could be prevented by adequate exercise, healthy diet, refraining from Smoking, and regular monitoring of personal risk factors. "Every step counts!" the Motto of the German stroke Foundation at world Stroke day on 29 is, therefore, October 2019 will be issued. "Because physical activity not only makes the blood vessels healthier, but also more risk factors for stroke such as hypertension, Diabetes, depression, and Obesity reduced,” explains Miriam Mashkoori, prevention expert of the German stroke help.

It is not about to exert themselves to the sporty and completely: For a good prevention of stroke, it may be sufficient, for example, to walking five days a week for 30 minutes. "Who is driving 150 minutes per week of moderate Sport, which is very much correct. This corresponds to the recommendations of the world health organization WHO", Mashkoori says.

Worldwide, the risk of suffering in his life a stroke is, at 25 percent. This is the result of the "Global Burden of Disease Study", carried out regularly since 1992 by the WHO jointly with the world Bank, and Harvard University.


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