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Not a lot of treatment, but also not too little

Uncomplicated neck pain blades in the cutting after three to five days, even if you go a couple of days with an elevated temperature. Some patients want from the doctor an antibiotic, in the hope that the disease will pass faster. However, the means do not help in the majority of cases at all because of neck pain mainly from viruses, against which antibiotics are totally useless. The funds may harm the patient even if it causes Nausea. He leaves the doctor’s office with an antibiotic prescription, then he has been oversupplied.

A new guideline of the German society for General medicine and family medicine (Degam) – a guide to the best medical treatment – to help such an Oversupply of in the house doctors curb. Also, it speaks to areas where patients are under supplied, i.e. no or too late, a therapy get.

The authors of the guideline have taken the recommendations from previously published guidelines to certain diseases in which Over – and under-supply are discussed. Of hundreds of such recommendations, 26 were in the current document. They deal primarily with very frequent diseases, or those which are Affected have a very strong suffering. It is concerned only with treatments in which family doctors are involved. 21 the recommendations are intended to prevent Oversupply, five to make a threat of under-supply carefully.

Three Examples:

1. Early detection of skin cancer, and prostate cancer: Is it really useful that all the people regularly on skin cancer examination? According to Degam in the Use of such a skin cancer is not busy Screening so far. The guidelines therefore pleads for an early diagnosis in the individual case, after a balanced discussion about the advantages and disadvantages.

The prostate cancer screening using the PSA value of men should be actively offered. If the patient questions, should you as well as the development of skin cancer about the advantages and disadvantages are elucidated.

2. Fatigue: a Patient with the so-called primary unexplained fatigue, so a fatigue for which there is no known cause exists, should the practitioner with appropriate questions to clarify whether the person Concerned is a Depression, an anxiety disorder or an unrecognized infection. Here it could be otherwise, namely, more likely to under-supply, by Doctors overlook Depression.

3. Acute back pain: you will meet very many people, are often very painful and unfortunately can Doctors little to do. Because in the case of acute pain in the back, diagnostic Tests and imaging procedures such as x-rays are unnecessary if there is no suspicion of a serious disease as a cause. In the case of non-specific back pain in addition, no painkillers, called glucocorticoids or local anesthetics should be injected.

Probably it is to accept some patients with back pain is difficult, that the doctor does not recommend any further Tests or treatments, but says that a painkiller, with enough movement and patience are now the only necessary medicine.

But in fact, even a seemingly harmless x-Ray for back pain can cause harm: Because very many people are there to discover abnormalities that have nothing to do with the pain. As soon as they were made visible, however, is the pressure there to treat you with all the possible side effects and complications the following medical therapy brings.

Likewise, the cancer involves early detection, for example, in the case of prostate cancer risks, because of the striking values that lead to further Tests, and because in some patients the cancer is detected, which is then treated to prepare them, but during his lifetime, never any problems.

Doctors can prevent Oversupply only if you are patient, explain well, what speaks for and what against a therapy. “This means, of course, expenses for Doctors,” says Dagmar Lühmann, University hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf, who was involved in the preparation of the guideline. “Oversupply can only not be avoided if patients simply go to the nearest doctor who prescribes you the treatment.”