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Mama, I’m bad with motion sickness on the overnight ride

What family does not know this: The child in the back seat in the car is silent and pale, and triggers with the remark, “I feel bad” is a frantic search for a Parking space. The sickness is just in the holiday period, in the currently many people with the car are on the road, a frequent companion. But there are some ways to remedy that.

What motion sickness is?

Typical symptoms of travel sickness, including motion sickness are Nausea and vomiting. Especially in the case of winding roads in the car, a turbulent flight, or of the waves on the ship can become irritated balance organ in the inner ear strongly. If the entire environment is in motion, also have the eyes no fixed point more. The stimuli, which are then arrive in the nervous system and redirected, can activate the vomiting centre, and Nausea trigger. Especially children from the age of two suffer. Typical for the travel disease is that you do not improved by vomiting. Only when solid ground is reached, the Nausea slowly.

A change of position in the car helps?

The Ride on the passenger seat in the car, can help prevent Nausea. Children should sit strapped in the back. Under certain circumstances, a change to the rear middle seat helps, according to pediatricians. There, the child can look through the front windshield, so that the sense of balance perceived movement and the impressions of the eyes come in line. Children are less often sick in the car, if you fix the horizon. The easiest way is to drive through the night. During sleep, the sickness does not occur in the rule.

There are also Tricks for ship, Bus and airplane?

In the middle of the ships is the least movement. The same applies to axes in the Bus for the area directly behind the front. In the plane, a seat by the window on the wings the best place is not to be travel sick.

What should I consider when eating?

The technician health insurance recommends a light, low-fat meals and during the trip. Chewing movements seem to mitigate the Overreaction of the stomach. Ginger to reduce the Nausea and cold sweats can help. Helpful also in distracting games, listen to music and regular breaks.

What medications help?

For the treatment of Nausea and vomiting, there are prescription medications with the active ingredient diphenhydramine from the group of antihistamines. The drugs are in a timely manner to take prior to departure. Diphenhydramine makes you tired. The active ingredient dimenhydrinate is a compound of diphenhydramine and 8-chloro theophylline is according to Stiftung Warentest suitable only to a limited extent. 8-chloro theophylline may increase, therefore, the risk for unwanted effects. In the case of children the means, because of possible side effects should be cautious and, if possible, in consultation with the child’s doctor be used. Often also medical chewing gum to help. As a means of preventing motion sickness there are also prescription products containing the active substance scopolamine. Five to six hours before travel, an active substance-containing patch to the commencement attached to the back of the ear.

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