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Makeup tips fr with cancer women

In the case of a Chemo – or radiation therapy köcan hair fall out or the skin to be dry. In a course of the DKMS get cancer patients make – up and skin care tips

In spite of cancer the own Köbody positive &ndash experience; this Makeup can be a tool

At the beginning of the women do not talk a lot. You do not know. The tables in the seminar room of the Augsburg hospital in a U-shape. Every place is a make-up mirror, a pack of Kos­metiktücher and dressing utensils: powder, Make-up, Mascara, cleansing milk, face cream. In the middle of a chair. The participants take turns in place – if you mögen.

This is the beautician Michaela Hansmann, based in Friedberg, near Augsburg is important. She manages the make-up seminar für cancer patients receiving Chemo – or radiation therapy. "As soon as the women get the diagnosis, müyou need to note so many things, so much to do without. Therefore, no one here has anything."

Beauty treatments help patients better to fümiss

The Beauty offers für cancer patients of the organization DKMS Life, follow the principle of "Look good. Feel better". English: look good, better fümiss. The idea behind It is: füfeels better, if you look in the mirror and your image gefällt. To deal with the disease is challenging enough – a consolation für the soul, therefore, particularly important. And tatsäon the take: It helps. 

The Seminar "Look good. Feel better" the DKMS Life

Nähere information üabout the make-up courses are available on the Internet:

Hansmann erklärt the fünf participants, what matters most when applying Makeup. Clean the face water apply the skin with moisture supply. Then geht’s los. With a Concealer R&ouml can;sightings cover. One of the women sits by the chair in the middle. "Now the Make-up&quot comes;, says Hansmann and spread it with a brush on the face. The is better than a Schwämmchen. "The brush can be cleaned easier, simply Shampoo to wash out." Hygiene is für cancer patients particularly important. 

Makeup tips and Gespräche worries für better mood

"And how do I care for my skin?", want a women to know. "Since the radiation I have no Verhäratio more to your." Her long hair is braided at a braid, the üabout your shoulder fällt. The left lower side of your back of the head bald. "You have so schöne Haut", another Participant says to her. "I had a Behandlung", erzäthe hlt further. You trägt her platinum blonde hair short. In between laughs. Sometimes she sighs. You sleep eleven hours at night, erzäyou hlt. "Really?", ask one of the Üother. "I can’t sleep. The Nänights are a disaster."

Then comes the lipstick. The beautician has brilliant Orange-red in the range. "The same sound looks at each woman differently." That’s true. But in all äthe color changed the expression on his face. The lips are accentuated, the eyes Shine more. Meanwhile, the women talk lively. A is happy, because ­another has detected that you have a Perücke trägt.

And beautician Hansmann coat, meanwhile, lashes, trägt shadow and blush on, or Terra cotta powder für fast Fresh. "We go out tonight?", asks one of the women at the end of the course. "So I can unmöpossible in front of the TV set!" The other laugh. Look good, better fümiss. This works – in any case, a bit.

You should put on make-up beachten 

  • Cleanse the face morning and evening grüof course with a mild Gel or a milk. "To remove of fats and salts, the üabout night ablagern", beautician Hansmann says. Wäwhile chemotherapy can excrete the skin such or other substances increased. 
  • Tightens the skin afterwards, wear the face of water. "The eliminated Kalkrückstände out of the water, the Clamping verur­sachen", erklärt the beautician. 
  • Use care products für sensitive and dry skin. Häoften the skin w&auml reacts;during a Chemo – or radiotherapy sensitive than usual. In the case of radiation therapy, it is zusäaddition sensitive to light. Therefore, day care with SPF is recommended. 
  • Before you apply Makeup, use a moisturiser. "Otherwise, the skin draws care substances from the Make-up. You will then fleckig", so Hansmann.  
  • Caution in the case of küartificial lashes. "Discuss with your doctor whether you glue the lashes just dümay. Not all of the ingredients of the glue mix with a therapy, especially since the Schleimhäute is very sensitive k&ouml respond;can."  
  • Eyebrow drawing: Mark with a pencil three points. Start point: the end of the verlängerten line from Nasenflügel üon the inner corner of the eye. Höthe most point: the verläthe Council line of Nasenflügel üabout the pupil. Endpoint: verläthe Council line from Nasenflügel üon the äußeye outer angle. Then the points with fine strokes connect. Bright types using a pen or pencil in light brown. Black is to hard. Äyou don’t rgern, if the line is perfect, it is a little &uuml must;ben, until you get the hang of it.  
  • See for Permanent Make-up. You can wäduring the chemotherapy, not the Brew tätattooed. If üin General, then some time in front of it. The Köcan body wäduring the therapy react differently to pigments. Wäyou choose only colors that the Europäof cosmetics regulation. 
  • Tip: before chemotherapy, a photo of yourself, then you know afterwards how your Brows shaped and how the hairstyle looked like. If später a Perücke nötig l&auml should be;sst, you can design from a template better.  
  • If eyelashes are missing: Draw dots on the lash line, then blend the edges. It can take up to ten months, until the Hämonarch regrowth. The head of hair is generally slightly faster because of new hair after three to six months.

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