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Lying to the doctor can be fatal: 4 questions you need honest answers – Video

Ask Doctors to their patients, how much exercise you are drifting or whether you are taking your medications properly, you get rarely a truthful answer. This is the result of a US study. Patients like to be healthier – but that carries with it great risks.

Jacob Berger, of the Bavarian house doctors Association is called the four questions you should answer honestly.

1. You regularly take your medication?

Patients rarely admit that if you forget to take a tablet. Or a drug due to adverse side-effects have completely stopped. Dangerous diseases, including Diabetes, hypertension, or coronary heart. In the worst case, increases the risk of a heart attack. A doctor should know when a Patient takes his medication. He may prescribe a different medium, this causes no side effects.

2. How much do you smoke?

The Patient smokes a daily pack or just sometimes? Misinformation can the risk of many diseases go unnoticed rise – for example for lung cancer or COPD. This lung disease develops insidiously. Who is ill and smokes, suffers some shortness of breath.

3. How much sugar you eat?

Particularly diabetics, should not conceal the fact that if you eat daily sweets. The sugar will deteriorate values, can to a vascular cause, eye, or nerve damage. Also, gout patients should take it with information about your diet as closely as possible.

4. How often do you move?

Especially for patients with Diabetes, hypertension and vascular diseases, regular exercise is important. A doctor should know how active his patients really are. Jacob Berger knows that “patients conceal things because you fear that you are the doctor scolds. However, a sensible doctor will convince you of the need for and the Benefits of the measure.“