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Lung disease – German airports prepare for suspected cases

The German airports are bracing for a possible introduction of this new lung disease from China. For the case of an emergency there is “detailed contingency plans”, – stated in a communication from the airport Association ADV. “The necessary medical capacities are available.” The German airports had with the competent authorities, in close contact. Currently, there is on the part of the WHO, of the foreign office or the Robert Koch Institute and no travel restrictions.

The number of confirmed cases was increased by leaps and bounds – now 440 patients. Nine people were killed. Most of the Patients come from the Chinese 11-million metropolis of Wuhan. As the origin of the Virus is presumed to be in a market where, among other things, fish and wild animals had been sold. The market is now closed, the Premises disinfected.

Kolakata, India: airport staff investigated travellers arriving from China and Hong Kong. The lung disease causes, among other things, by fever.

Travellers could be bringing in Virus

Experts believe it is realistic that travellers could carry the Virus to Europe. The United States had confirmed on Tuesday the first case of lung disease. It was a man who had returned after a trip to the Chinese city of Wuhan to Seattle, informed the US health authority CDC.

The International health regulations of the WHO for Germany, five airports will be required to hold to protect the public health “core capacities”. In Germany, the airports in Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin. Incoming machines with suspected cases on Board, would be redirected to these five airports, the airport Association. On-site medical staff to care for potentially ill passengers and separating.

Virologist warns against panic-mongering

“The process of functioning of the chains reliably, have been proven to be the airports – such as the 2003 Sars, 2006 in a case of carry Lassa fever, or 2009 in the Wake of the spread of swine flu,“ explains Ralph Beisel, managing Director of ADV.

A virologist on Coronavirus

"Scenarios with Thousands of dead in Germany, I think, is überzogen"

If the Virus is in Europe spreading, hanging heavily depends on how easily the pathogen by human-to-human transfer, said of the virologist Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit in an interview with the star. Germany was generally “very well prepared” for the case of an emergency. “We can diagnose suspected cases in the corresponding laboratories and patients quickly, isolate and treat.”

The pathogen was a Coronavirus, which is passed from animals to humans. “Corona viruses there are in the world, in this country. The are quite normal pathogen. It’s nothing dramatic,” said Schmidt-Chanasit. Novel is merely that of the excitation could, for the first time been proven in humans.

WHO wants to deal today in a crisis meeting with the pathogen.

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