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Kylie Jenner Is Getting a Ton of Backlash for Her Latest Skincare Launch

Just when you thought Kylie Jenner had enough money and beauty lines to last a lifetime, she rolls out one more. Earlier this week, the makeup mogul unveiled her latest beauty endeavor, KylieSkin, a “cruelty-free, gluten-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free, and vegan” skincare line. The collection includes cleansers, toners, and scrubs, which are sold in girly, millennial pink packaging.

But as pretty as KylieSkin is, people are already worried that one of her products isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. 

In a series of short YouTube videos, Jenner explains each of her six products in detail. When she gets to the walnut face scrub, she says it's gentle enough to be used daily. Twitter, of course, was not convinced. 

“PSA: don’t buy Kylie Jenner’s walnut skin scrub,” one commenter wrote. “Walnuts and other nuts are too abrasive to exfoliate your face and instead you end up with micro tears on your skin. Which leads to wrinkles and premature aging.”

“Walnut shells are way too rough an exfoliant for the face. As are any plastic beads. You shouldn’t be using ANY kind of manual scrub on the face as often as she’s promoting in this video. That’s for other areas of the body,” another wrote. 

But is walnut scrub as harmful as Twitter makes it out to be? Health spoke to Debra Jaliman, MD, a New York City-based dermatologist and author of Skin Rules, about using walnut-infused products. As it turns out, Kylie’s beauty team has done their research. 

“There is not a problem with walnuts,” Dr. Jaliman tells Health. “I happen to like exfoliants a lot, because people who have eczema or rosacea really don’t do well with chemical exfoliants, so they need something more natural.”

“I looked at the [walnut scrub] ingredients and she has things like glycerin and squalene, which are very moisturizing ingredients,” she adds. 

Dr. Jaliman notes that if you experience irritation from using a daily exfoliant (like Jenner says she uses), only use a scrub sparingly. “It obviously depends on your skin type. For some people, they may want to use an exfoliant once a day, some people maybe twice a week," says Dr. Jaliman. "It just depends on your skin type.”

Bottom line: Kylie Jenner is still queen of the makeup world, and we’re all just trying to make enough to afford those coveted lip kits. 

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