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Kyah Simon On Striving For Equality And Overcoming Setbacks

How are you feeling in the lead up to the next Olympic Football Tournament Qualifier?

In the lead up to the next Olympic Football Tournament Qualifier, it’s a feeling of excitement. We haven’t qualified as yet so really hoping to finish the second leg of the qualification and if I get the opportunity to wear the green and gold at Tokyo later this year I’ll be ecstatic, and really enjoy the experience.

You’ve been open about your battles with injury, how do you work on your mental strength and resilience when dealing with those kinds of setbacks?

Dealing with setbacks and working through the mental aspect has been challenging at times, but organically I’ve built a mental toughness and strength through the injuries I’ve faced. There’s no real strategy to dealing with them for me, just a lot of positive self-talk and having that determination within myself and backing myself. When things are good again, the tough times are worth it at the end of the day.   

Who are some female leaders in your life and how have you benefited from their guidance?

Three strong female leaders in my life are my nan, my mum and sister – they’re all three very strong empowering women in their own rights. They’ve all faced a lot of challenges themselves and overcome a lot of obstacles in their lives. I’d be doing the family an injustice if I wasn’t tough myself and brought myself out of tough times. I gain a lot of inspiration and motivation from them.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given by a female mentor or leader?

The best advice isn’t necessarily in words, the three strong females in my life – my mum, nan and sister – inspire me through their actions. Other than a whole lot of love and support, I’ve been really inspired by their actions and visually seeing them pull themselves out of tough times has really made me who I am today.

How does it feel to be a leader for young women wanting to get into soccer, particularly for the indigenous community?

Seeing myself as a leader for Indigenous and Non-Indigenous communities is something I’m really proud of. Knowing I can inspire young girls around the country just as I was inspired watching Cathy Freeman as a young girl, just as I continue to be inspired by the strong female figures in my life. It’s something I don’t take lightly and I hope I can impact and inspire young girls around the world.

What would it mean to have the FIFA Women’s World Cup played in Australia in 2023?

To have the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 on home soil would be a dream. I didn’t think it would be a dream possible but for it to be a real possibility would be incredible. To have the best female footballers from all around the world in Australia would be incredible. To be able to play in that in front of family and friends and Australian home crowd would be a 12th woman for us. It would be incredible for participation across the country and really showcase what women’s football is all about and it would be amazing to be a part of that.

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

It’s a day of celebration for amazing women, no matter what profession they’re in it’s an opportunity to praise each other, lift each other up and showcase the talents and small wins that don’t always get applauded. I think it’s a great opportunity for us to put our hands around each other and say great job. Without those strong female leaders in society, we wouldn’t be able to reach the equality that we’re striving for.

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