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Knee replacement is often too late

For the best Use of a knee joint surgery, it is essential that the replacement is performed neither too early nor too late. Most of the people hesitate, according to a US study, however, for far too long. The impact: a Lack of mobility and complications.

If the Operation for a new knee joint is to be hesitated for a long time, you will not be able to take advantage of the people of the new knee fully. According to the study from Chicago that was 90 percent of the patients in the case. "The people wait and wait on the surgery and lose most of Nutzen", Prof. Hassan Ghomrawi of the Feinberg School of Medicine of Northwestern University in Chicago said. "If people wait too long, two things happen: The osteoarthritis leads to deterioration of the function. Some patients are not able to stretch the legs, what is Going on, and the mobility effect. If the patient does not move, you can develop other health problems, for example, of the heart and circulation. Anyone waiting for too long, in addition, not so many functions. The mobility is limited in comparison to someone who was on time surgery."

If the Operation comes too early, the risk is that later, a second replacement is needed. This requires a new, much more complicated Operation with worse results. This was also frequently observed.

The ideal time for a knee replacement surgery depends on the pain, joint function, and radiographic Findings, and age. Ghomrawi working with his Team to develop a better understanding of these factors, in order to find the optimum time for the Operation. This 8.002 participants with or without risk for knee osteoarthritis have been observed up to eight years.