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Keto diet: Why Low-Carb is popular, but not sustainable for environment and health

With the new year, the good intentions come in the most people – alongside more sports, and the omission of alcohol, or cigarette is also healthier life on the Plan – often associated with a diet. Where previously three Times, came a day cabbage soup on the table, for some years, the waiver of carbohydrates “en vogue”. Not new, but particularly popular is the so-called Keto-diet: Celebrities such as Kourtney Kardashian and Halle Berry swear by it, on the Internet there are countless tips and recipes of Keto Fans.

It is not 'Eat the Hälfte'!

This is the worst diet that you can make, say experts

What is the Keto diet?

A Ketogenic diet, short-Keto, is based in the core on the idea to refrain from carbohydrates and to gain the required energy from fat. It is based on the metabolic process of ketosis the Whole: the body Gets too little carbs, he is forced, at a certain point the body to convert fat into energy. Therefore, it is reduced at the Keto diet, the proportion of carbohydrates drastically – instead, proteins are mainly fat, and in addition on the dining plan. What sounds easy, is connected for the most with a great conversion. Only ten to twenty percent of the daily energy requirement should be met from carbohydrates, which is equivalent to 20 to 50 grams. For comparison, A banana has 27 grams of carbohydrates. On the plate of the Keto-Fans, especially animal products such as meat and eggs, fats from nuts, but also green vegetables are coming from.

The Keto diet is to in the long term, absence of food cravings, because the body is saturated due to the high protein content. In addition, the selection is, of course, long-term food is limited, resulting in less being eaten. Newly, the Trend is not: Originally, this diet was developed in the 1920s for the treatment of metabolic diseases and epilepsy.

Lose weight

Slimming in Check: experts choose the best and worst diets

Experts put sustainability in question

Many nutrition experts see the Trend, however, is critical. “Losing weight through extreme restrictions, and an unbalanced diet will lead only to a more rapid increase in weight,” says Dr. David Katz, founder of the “Yale University Prevention Research center” to” CNN”. The physician is also President of the “True Health Initiative”, a Non-Profit organization working for a healthier society. Together with 24 other experts, he has evaluated 35 popular diets. His result: “Away from the idea of ketosis, this Form of diet is only a Label for the renunciation of sugar and refined carbohydrates, like any other diet, too.”

The expert criticises the fact that the Keto diet is exactly the opposite of a healthy Diet, with the you live in the long term, healthier – because a lot of fruit, vegetables and cereals are not a Keto food plan, because they contain supposedly too many carbs. A further point: the question of sustainability. After all, who eats ketogen, has to necessarily fall back on meat, and usually in large quantities. The global Meat production has an impact on the climate, is in the science is undisputed, to what extent is it, however, is still being discussed. According to the Federal Ministry for the environment is deep-frozen beef and veal resulting from the production of one kilogram of approximately 14 kilograms of CO2 – in the case of a domestic flight between Munich and Berlin, 246 Kg of CO2 are released.

Diet revealed fall

Anyone who wants to lose weight should not fall on these errors in

Healthy life style instead of a (Keto)diet

Keto-Fans swear by the positive effects of the diet: in addition to weight loss less Hunger and more energy and better concentration ability as benefits of Low Carb diet apply. Until then, however, it is a rocky road – the changeover with the extreme renunciation of carbohydrates can take several days for the cravings for carbohydrates, Nausea, or tiredness may occur. Keto-Fans refer to this process as the “Keto-flu”.

The long-term effect of a ketogenic diet, the research is, however, still disagree. According to physician David Katz, there has been little studies showing the effectiveness of a Keto diet. Moreover, the Problem with the Keto diet is that most of the people might the stark restrictions to permanently hold on – and then again in the long term increase. Therefore, it is especially important to keep a constant diet, but to find a long-term healthy life-style that fits to your own life.

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