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Isoglucose: Fragwrdige Se

The food industry since October of 2017 so much with the preisgüother Isoglucose süßas you want to. Ernäcurrency experts see the release-critical

Isoglucose can contain a lot of fructose. In the case of fructose-glucose-syrup are üabout 50 percent fructose

More than the Hähalf of the people in Germany is too thick, about ten percent suffer from type-2 Diabetes, and about one third had a fatty liver. It’s bad enough. The policy should dafür do a more Föto stop promotion of this development.

With the liberalisation of the sugar market in October 2017 the EU was, however, a Signal in the other direction: so Far, the market share of Isoglucose in the case had to fünf percent. Now, the mostly from Corn-derived &quot can;high fructose corn syrup" (HFCS), in the United States have long been in größeren quantities will be used in Europe without any limitations in food production &ndash be used; replaces the usual Rübenzucker in many Geträdrinks, baked goods, Gemücans, and other products.

Experts disagree on how to schäto the South is Isoglucose

Various Ernämanagement experts and organizations such as the German Diabetes-aid, and the German obesity society, see the release-critical. You befüfear that the risk für Üthe mountain-weight, type-2 Diabetes, Fett­liver and gout is on the rise.

The Lebens­industry and the Federal research Institute für Ernäcurrency and food, Max-Rubner-Institute (MRI), argue that in comparison to Rüben – and cane sugar is faster and easier produced syrup is not schämore thoroughly.

A variable proportion of fructose

Where is the difference? The well-known household sugar (sucrose) consists of one Häthe house consists of glucose and fructose. In the case of the syrups under the term Isoglucose the Verh&auml is;ratio variable. The percentage of fructose can vary between 8 and 90 percent.

The mutmaßlich höhigher percentage of fructose of the Apple of discord. Because this is from the Köthe body is processed differently than glucose and is suspected in größeren quantities of night to have an impact on the health. You föthe development of a fatty liver and erh&ouml promotes then;ht the Harnsäurespiegel. "A Lot Of Harnsäure führt for susceptible individuals to gout, increases blood pressure, schädamaged the Nieren", Professor Andreas Pfeiffer, head of the Department of Clinical Ern&auml says;introduction of the German Institute für Ernäcurrency research.

Stämore Süßpower

In addition, the two building blocks, glucose and fructose are in Isoglucose chemically "Einfachzucker", so not connected to each other, so that the sugar is absorbed more quickly from the blood than sucrose. Pfeiffer believes that this f&uuml a disadvantage;r the metabolism. Fructose also has a stämore Süßforce. Wäwhile sucrose is a value of 100, has the fructose with 120 the stästrongest Süße of all kinds of sugar. The more fructose in the food köcould the Süßhunger of the consumers föpromote. "People, the much Süßeat it, blunt. You aspire to be a stämore Süße and also other Geschmäsugar less wahr", expert Pfeiffer says.

In other Lächange we have also observed that the replacement of sucrose with Isoglucose in one product after the other, the amount raised had been, says Rheine, the pharmacologist Professor Martin Smollich of the practice University. "The cheap syrup is replaced with other ingredients, such as dietary fiber, fats, and proteins. So costs are saved."

A strong increase of Isoglucose in Europe expected

After a Schäsetting up of the EU will triple the Isoglucose production, by 2025, more than tripled. In the USA HFCS has a market share of annäapproximately 50 per cent, while the use due to health concerns rückläfrequently. For example, the fast-food chain McDonald&rsquo exchanged;s 2016 effective advertising Isoglucose in your Brötchen.

In the US, according to the MRI, mostly variations of between 42 and 55 percent fructose gesüßt. the difference for sucrose is low and ernäintroduction physiologically not relevant, argues the MRI, the Bundesgesundheitsministe­rium berät. In the case of use of identical quantities of the effects of the same. Because the negative health effects of fructose wüauthorities früat the earliest to occur, if more than a quarter of the food energy darüber is recorded. To not going to such a high quantity of it but also with Isoglucose.

Tatsäinfirm use in Germany is not known

In Germany, used Isoglucose enthält according to the industry Association of cereals, Müselect and Stärkewirtschaft (VGM’s), usually only a proportion of up to 30 percent – so even less than household sugar. Isoglucose with fructose content of more than the Hähalf will be produced or used in any way, hieß in an opinion in the autumn of 2017.

A year and a half später of the Association could not answer whether this is now the geächanges have and whether or not the use had increased. VGM’s spokeswoman Richeza Reisinger emphasized, however, that the various sugar variations not willküof course and is not Readily exchanged k&ouml be;could. "The different types of sugar have different properties and effects on the product and its taste."

Consumer confusion

Consumers have it easy, if you want to find out what kind of sugar is in a product. "There’s a sticker &sbquo is not in the front;Warning, Isoglukose‘ drauf", says Smollich. You müshot sorgfäcarefully the list of ingredients to study, and even then, it remains unclear, how high is the fructose percentage is exactly.

Isoglucose is stated in different terms, for example, as corn syrup. If the glucose-fructose-syrup, the speech, the fructose percentage was under 50 percent. The name, fructose-glucose syrup, it is the other way around. The größth Favor, but the consumers, if you are industrially-produced foods with added sugar – no matter what type – as good as möresembled avoid.

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