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Interval fast: Breakfast or dinner be?

Interval fasting is a growing Trend: Many people eat breaks a hold of 16 hours. When is the right time to abandon the food? Researchers at the University of Vanderbilt, one should depend on the biological clock of the body and prefer to eat Breakfast rather than late evening.

Who builds a good Breakfast and in the evening a meal is omitted, and more fat than someone who eats late in the evening. This is true even in the case of a total identical calorie intake and physical activity. When nutrients are available for the body, affected so, apparently, what the body does with it: eat late in the evening, according to the study, the body uses only a delay on fat reserves.

Spät do without in the evening Snacks

"Eating late in the evening meant that less fatty acids were reduced. This confirms that the timing of meals affects how nutrients taken in are used. Any eating before bed fat burning delayed in Schlaf", Dr. Kevin Kelly of the University of Vanderbilt said. This speaking against the Trend, the Breakfast skipping. Instead, it is more effective to forego the dinner – at least, when it comes to get rid of excess fat.

The researchers from Tennessee have six people between 51 and 63 years in the two-test series per three meals per day, which contained in total the same number of calories. They tested whether the timing of the meals was of importance by the participants in the study were once a good Breakfast and another day instead, late in the evening for a meal with the same calorie content gifts.