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Innovation prize for new drug against blood cancer

This year, the Pharmazeutische Zeitung (PZ) signed to a 25. The most innovative drug of the year with the PZ innovation award from. In 2019, the active ingredient Tisagenlecleucel receives the coveted prize. He offers a new way to treat blood cancer.

In Tisagenlecleucel it is a so-called Cancer immunotherapy. "The drug is individually for each patient angefertigt", informed of pharmacists Sven Siebenand, Deputy editor-in-chief of the PZ, at the Handover of the prize. To do this, the doctor removes the leukemia affected patients, certain cells from the blood. This one changed in the laboratory to the way that they attack the cancer cells and destroy them, and administered them to the Patients by Infusion.

"This works very well and schnell", so Siebenand "However, one has to reckon also with serious side effects." Due to the mass death of the cancer cells it comes in many patients to a dangerous cytokine storm. In this case, the immune system reacts stronger as the Doctors wanted. Possible consequences: a fall in blood pressure, brain edema, shock and cardiac arrest. "The patients need to be monitored, therefore, at least ten days after the Infusion closely." Nevertheless, Tisagenlecleucel was a huge Innovation. There is much less cancer in the body or there are no tumors and more, you can even demonstrate. Since August, 2018, the active ingredient has the European approval for the treatment of two forms of blood cancer. Siebenand sees still further potential. According to the pharmacist researchers are trying to improve the method to treat other tumors, but also diseases that attack the immune system. The PZ is published by the umbrella Association of all pharmacists in Germany. The Handover of the prize took place in the context of the pharmacist-continuing education Congress pharmacon in Merano, Italy.


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