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How pharmacists can help in the hospital

You überprüfen prescriptions, pay attention to interactions, and relieve Ädoctors in the implementation of drug therapy: station pharmacists für Krankenhäuser is becoming increasingly important

The drugs f&uuml are;r the patients? Pharmacist in the hospital köthe Ädoctors help in the choice of therapy

The surgeons at the Universitätsklinikum Leipzig have new colleagues: For the past few months, three station pharmacists go on Rounds and prüfen, the medication of the patients. About eingeschränkter renal or hepatic function or in strong Üthe mountain-weight adjust the dosage individually. Also in the ICU pharmacists with Stations&auml are;doctors, micro-biologists and Infectious disease specialists on the go.

"It is our goal here to optimize the use of antibiotics and in this way, resistance to vermeiden", erläexplained Dr. Yvonne Reman bridge officer, the Director of the new clinic and pharmacy in Leipzig. In almost every second patient köcan improve the station, a pharmacist at the University hospital, according to the drug therapy. In the case of recording, capture and überprüyou fen säall of the medications the Patient is taking. Wäduring the Klinik­stay, document the necessary changes and prepare für the ämedical Entlassungsgespräch a medication plan.

Pharmacist unterstüappreciate Ädoctors in the treatment selection

The pharmacist can advise patients, the more medicines at the same time take müshot, even on the sick bed. "These patients have a particularly high risk für Wechselwirkungen", Reman bridge officer says. Problematic coagulation inhibitors, anti-infectives and drugs f&uuml be especially;r the treatment of pain. "Ädoctors and nursing staff fümiss by us entlastet", Reman bridge officer says. Küin the future, more Sta&shy in Leipzig;tions from the pharmaceutical benefit. After the successful Einfüintroduction in surgery, the project will be expanded to the ENT and skin clinic.

In other Krankenhäusers station pharmacists are increasingly being used. At the University hospital of Dresden, for instance, 19 take care of them more than the Hähalf of the 1300 beds. "Especially the surgeons are very grateful, when we are in the implementation of drug therapy entlasten", the senior station pharmacist Andreas Fischer says. But also on the medical, neurological, and intensive care departments, there is much to do.

In addition, the clinic pharmacist want to communicate with their colleagues in öpublic pharmacies to improve. At the interfaces between stationärer, and ambulatory care bumps it häfrequently. "We prune the Änot doctors in their Therapiehoheit", Fischer emphasized. "As a pharmacist, we have the ­Gesamtüoverview üon drug therapy and köcan Ädoctors in the therapy of selection unterstüsupport."

Legal Einfüintroduction of ward pharmacists?

To get medicines safely to patients, you will be in the Dresden hospital, pharmacy machine in small Tütchen Packed, marked with name, Station, and taking notes. "This ensures that the Patient is taking the right pill in the right dosage at the right time erhält", Fischer says. Vorsäadditional wrong doses, not to let themselves this way ausschließen – as you are about the care series of murders in lower Saxony is happening. The state has drawn from the terrible events consequences: There clinics should be soon, as required by law, to station pharmacists to use.

Also the Federal Association of German hospital pharmacists (ADKA) calls for the mandatory Einfüintroduction of ward pharmacists. "By the ämedical regulations überprüfen and the pharmaceutical für prepare each patient individually, improve erheblich&quot the therapy, the safety of the whole;, the ADKA-Vizepr&auml says;President Rudolf Bernard. The goal of the Association: up to the year 2021 at least 1500 station pharmacist. Currently there are only about 300. But Bernard is confident: "Especially in the case of young gentlemen of the challenging tasks in the hospital are very popular."

Improved medication by a pharmacist lowers cost

However, the current Verg&uuml difficult;processing system, the financing zusämore vulnerable. "We hope that für pharmaceutical services küin the future, appropriate Zuschläge eingeführt werden", Bernard says. Especially since an optimized medication lowering costs. "The savings beschrärestrict not refer to the pure product costs. The therapy is improved, and follow-k&ouml diseases;can be avoided werden", so pharmacists Fischer. "Therefore, müwe left Hospital administration, health insurance funds and the Federal Joint Committee füimproved medication safety by ward pharmacist awareness." 

Also improved Fortbildungsmöfacilities as well as uniform Qualitästandards you want to enforce. Zusäin addition to the study station pharmacists to form to the specialist pharmacist für Clinical pharmacy. "In addition, the Federal chamber of pharmacists, a training f&uuml want;r pharmacist on the ward einfüdo that with the Ädoctors on AugenhöHey communicate müssen", so Bernard. Ultimately, benefit the Patient, if Ädoctors and pharmacists küin the future in and außoutside of the clinic to work more intensively.

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