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Homeless daughter of Jackie Chan married friend

Dear daughter Jackie Chan has managed to once again get into the world headlines. 19-year-old Etta, Joline married with my canadian friend Andy Otomi during a small number of wedding guests.

The fruit of an extramarital affair with the famous Chinese actor Jackie Chan, Etta Joline married his friend Andy Autumn. It happened shortly after the girl confessed that “homeless” because of their “homophobic parents”. Yesterday in “Instagram” 19-year-old Etta appeared to confirm the news about brakosochetanie a native of Canada, Andy Otomi, which occurred on 8 November. The happy couple even posted on the Internet of wedding witnesses.Although Etta has his daughter Jackie Chan, she always called him a stranger and said in the past that never considered the famous actor his real father. The girl was born after a short affair of the king of movies about kung-fu with one of the beauty Queens that occurred in the late 1990-ies.

Wedding Etta and Andy was in Canada, after which the happy couple returned to Hong Kong, where the actor’s daughter. Jackie Chan has not publicly commented on the marriage of his daughter, but the girl looks quite happy in this regard, a significant event in your life. She wrote online that “nothing is greater than love in life.” The girl admitted that her hometown is Hong Kong, where “so much life and passion.”

Note that in this part of China, which lives according to its laws, same-sex marriage is also not allowed, but earlier this year, the Hong Kong government agreed to recognize marriages between spouses of the same sex, officially prisoners abroad. On the island of Taiwan, is also of direct relevance to China, same-sex marriage has been legalized, but the girls decided to get married in Canada – the home of the Otomi. (READ MORE)

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