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Higher education, lower BMI, and blood pressure

You know, that people have diseases with a higher education have a lower risk for heart. Why this is so, what is so far unclear. British scientists have found the connection now, at least in part: they found that body weight and blood pressure at a higher level of education are healthier.

The risk for heart disease is reduced per 3.6 years spent in training to a third. Researchers from London, Bristol, Cambridge and Oxford have now shown that this is due to 40 percent by the BMI, blood pressure, and Smoking. According to their findings per fell 3.6 years of additional training, the BMI by 1 kg/m2 and systolic blood pressure of 3 mmHg.

Dr. Dipender Gill of Imperial College London said: "Although we know from previous research that someone who spends more time in the training, has seizures, a lower risk for heart disease and stroke, we did not know the reason. Our studies show that this protective effect about half is due to a healthy weight, lower blood pressure and less Smoking. We now need to examine what other reasons can bring education and lower risk for cardiovascular disease."

According to the researchers, it is conceivable that people are concerned after a longer training with health issues and your doctor in case of complaints tend to go to.


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