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Heart attack with a 20: Why even young people can die

A heart attack occurs for many, often suddenly and unexpectedly. Especially for young people, the idea is to have a heart attack in the distant future. Sufferers often underestimate the risk, which is why a heart attack at a young age often goes undetected.

  • The risk of developing young of a heart attack is extremely low.
  • As the main cause of the congenital hypercholesterolemia.
  • A heart attack with 20 has identical symptoms of a heart attack at an advanced age.

One of the most important organs in our body is the heart. It is extremely sensitive and reacts strongly to influences our body and the environment. Smoking, high cholesterol, Diabetes, high blood pressure, Stress, an unhealthy diet, environmental pollution and passive Smoking to the heart. The more of these risk factors are present, the higher the likelihood of developing a heart attack. Heribert Schunkert, Director of the German heart centre in Munich, explains: Make more of these factors can occur at a young age of a heart attack.

A heart attack is, of course, also depend on factors that are not influenced. These include:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Hereditary Burden


Basically, the risk increases with age. Nevertheless, it is possible to suffer also at the age of 20 years, a heart attack. One reason may be the early formation of atherosclerosis. In fact, can occur in rare cases, such a in the age between 20 and 30. It calcify and harden the arteries. The diameter of the artery narrows and the blood can only to a limited extent by currents.

In some cases, a blood clot that seals the vessel completely on these deposits. In this case, the doctor speaks from a heart attack. Until it comes to atherosclerosis, which then triggers a heart attack, it is a lengthy process. Symptoms of arteriosclerosis expressed, therefore, at a young age is rare.

Reason for the start of arteriosclerosis at the age of mid 20’s an unhealthy lifestyle in combination with rare hereditary factors.


Women are at risk compared to men, in fact, in recent years, less. To increases only at the beginning of the menopause, when hormone production declines, in women, the risk of suffering from a heart attack. A special feature of the pregnancy, a slightly increased risk of thrombosis, and in rare cases, changes in vascular also occur in the coronary vessels.

Hereditary Burden

As the main cause for the heart attack at a young age, a familial hypercholesterolemia according to Schunkert, who is also a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the German heart Foundation. This is a disease where the cholesterol morbidly increased. It is one of the most common genetic disorders.

Cholesterol is a fatty molecule that is a component of many membranes and as a building block of hormones. Basically, survival is important, but it comes in to a large extent before it is very harmful. The result is a hardening of the arteries and hardening of the Arteries.Best offer on

In the case of Affected high cholesterol vascular values at a young age is harmful. If left untreated, this can lead to a heart attack and at the age of 20. Ideally, cholesterol levels should be 150 mg/dl, recommended by the international atherosclerosis society. In the case Concerned, the value can be in the case of 300mg/dl or even higher.

In addition, in rare cases, the other inherited metabolic disease, a congenital structural defect of the vessel wall, or a car can be immune disease is the cause of a heart attack at a young age.

The young and the old have identical symptoms

The symptoms do not differ in young patients, from those of older people. Typical are

  • Pain and Stinging in the chest,
  • A feeling of tightness in the chest,
  • Nausea and vomiting, as well as
  • Fear sweat.

What complicates the diagnosis, however, In the case of a patient at the age of 20 Doctors suspected of a heart attack.

The probability is fortunately very low

The risk of suffering from a heart attack, with 20, according to an assessment by Schunkert “luckily, very, very low”. Less than 1:10,000 of the 20 to 30-Year-old such a cardiac event suffer. Nevertheless, you should consult, as soon as you feel any of the above symptoms, immediately see a doctor.

How at risk are you? You know, with the help of the heart attack risk test of the German heart Foundation:

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