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Halitosis: bad breath is easy to recognize

I have mouth odour? A touch in the hollow of one’s Hand does not clarify the. But the unpleasant question that can be discretely resolved. The first indications of three other self-tests. Anyone who wants to know it exactly, but it should go to the doctor.

Suspected to suffer from bad breath, is a unique disease findings is difficult, because Sufferers do not notice your bad smell from the mouth often. Because even a touch in the hollow of one’s Hand no longer causes any particular rejection, because many perceive their own vapours with the time.

The first indications of three other self-tests do not replace a diagnosis by a doctor. If in doubt, sorry to ask supporting persons close to an honest opinion or go to your dentist.

The Wrist-Test, Saliva, Dental Plaque Check

To find out if bad breath is present, people can perform a first self-checks at home. The wrist-Test , for example, run your tongue over your wrist, wait until the saliva dries and smell it.

As a further variant, the saliva sample. Feel sorry for spitting supporting a small amount of saliva in a small jar and seal it. After a few minutes the lid open, because the bacteria produced sulfur compounds that cause the bad smell, Affected in the saliva.

In addition, there is the possibility, with the Finger over the posterior tooth back to swipe and afterwards, or also used dental floss to smell, since the dental plaque first notes. However, this approach represents no reliable detection methods. Dental Implant Clinic Düsseldorf , Christoph Sliwowski

Christoph Sliwowski is the implant head, the dental clinic of Düsseldorf in the St. Vinzenz-hospital.


Mouth odor can have dangerous causes: experts create clarity

On the basis of smell, doctors have already received the first indications of a possible disease. Because, depending on the cause the exhaled air to the nose smells when the mouth is closed otherwise. The suspicion of a Halitosis, dentists perform a breath test to gain certainty. Using a hose to remove the person Concerned of a breath sample directly from the mouth, which is then tested by the bad breath for traces of sulfur compounds.

A more sensitive Sensor in the device measures the concentration of these gases, and displays the measuring value in ppb (parts per billion). The higher the concentration, the worse the smell. It is only bad breath that is caused by lack of dental hygiene, the proportion of sulphur compounds in the breath low.

The Patient suffers from chronic complaints, the display due to a higher concentration of Bacteria. So also in the case of diseases with which Halitosis is often a Symptom occurs, such as, for example, infections of the intestinal tract, an inflamed pharynx , or metabolic diseases such as Diabetes mellitus.

In these cases, physicians seek, in consultation with the house doctor on the basis of the clinical picture after a solution approach. For this, the expert examines the patient on the stomach or kidney diseases as well as disorders in the esophagus. Cases of poisoning have, for example, an acetone-containing breath.

Depending on the cause of bad breath dentists refer patients to appropriate specialists.