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Frauenmanteltee against women’s suffering: The you need to know about the medicinal herbs

It may surprise you that woman is one coat to the rose family. The unusual name the Plant owes its pleated leaves, which are reminiscent of a waving capes coat, as the women will already have in the middle ages, carried, and even then, the Plant has been used in Natural medicine, women’s ailments such as menstrual cramps, to relieve. In addition, it is said to have the rose plant also has a positive effect on Pregnant women and women in menopause – and that’s not all: lady’s mantle is also supposed to help with diarrhea, abdominal pain and headache, as well as kidney stones, and wound healing stimulate. Although there is no scientific evidence to enjoy the healing herbs of great popularity.

Seen close-up: the stuck in the Plant

In the women’s coat is highly concentrated Tannins and bitter substances, essential Oils, and herbal progesterone to be found – it is similar to the human yellow body hormone, which has a direct influence on the establishment and maintenance of the uterine lining and thus the female cycle controls. Suffers a woman’s cycle, discomfort or irregularities, should they by the intake of the rose crop in the Form of tea in both your abdominal pain, as well as your cycle can regulate. This is sometimes because the progesterone is believed to have an antispasmodic effect on the pelvic floor. This is made possible by the lady’s mantle contained tannins, which are astringent (astringent) on our skin and mucous membranes – translated, this means: change the protein structures, and strengthen the upper Tissue layers by pulling this together. And that’s not all.

The diverse effects of Frauenmanteltee

The endometrium is for women with desire for children is very important – for this reason, the Frauenmanteltee often as a secret weapon to natural conception touted as the fertility of a positive influence to. However, there are no meaningful statistics about whether or not you can be by the action of lady’s mantle (faster) pregnant. Therefore, women get longer to try to have a Baby should not put too many hopes in the rose greenhouse.

Women in the menopausal heat flashes and mood swings, may suffer from Frauenmanteltee benefit: The active ingredients contained therein can be to the hormonal changes by the above-mentioned symptoms reduce. This automatically makes that are more balanced in everyday life and menopausal problems faster get a grip.

Sure you can be that the tannins in the women’s coat accelerate the wound healing, in particular, on the surface of the skin or in the mouth. Through the pulling Together of the fabric layers, as already described above, you can even have diarrhea, the bacterial or viral as a result of treat – due to the astringent effect of the intestinal mucosa so that the germs in it worse and trigger inflammation can.

And even then, if you have cold-related symptoms or a flu-like infection suffering can Frauenmanteltee a useful Supplement. Whether a cough or runny nose, sore throat or difficulty swallowing: Due to the anti-inflammatory properties, you can alleviate the typical symptoms effectively, since most of those are in direct connection with your (mouth)mucous membranes.

Frauenmanteltee during pregnancy

Frauenmanteltee will have a positive effect on Pregnant women said

While Frauenmanteltee is recommended in alternative medicine for the entire pregnancy, many doctors and midwives for a short term application. More specifically, do you recommend women in other circumstances, the tea only in the first Trimester (the first twelve weeks) to drink. Because even if the ingredients can strengthen the uterus, you have a circulation-promoting effect on the Uterus. In the reverse conclusion this means: Frauenmanteltee could possibly trigger premature labor – therefore, the use is recommended only at the beginning and at the end of a pregnancy. In the last Trimester can your strengthen pelvic. After the birth, however, you may also Frauenmanteltee drink, because it offers two benefits: first, can the milk education to stimulate, on the other, it accelerates the wound healing of external injuries.

Application and preparation of Frauenmanteltee

If you have bought ready-to-Frauenmanteltee, the preparation is extremely simple: As with other teas, too, to give you – depending on your taste – one to two spoons of the dried herb in a Cup and brew it with boiling water. Then let the hot drink to a maximum of twelve minutes. After that, you can enjoy the tea hot (in the summer cold). Should you taste of the lady’s mantle too bitter, which is due to the tannins quite possible, you can the tea as well as honey at the close. Are recommended two to three cups of tea a day.

Possible side effects: the it is important to note

Although the Frauenmanteltee be consistently attributed positive qualities that the rose plant felt to be a panacea against everything from power, the circulation-enhancing drink also carries side effects. In particular, if you suffer from high blood pressure: In the case, you should discuss the taking in advance with your doctor, especially in relation to the dosage. Add to this that you could pass in the event of an Overdose. This is the high Tannin content of the tea, which can irritate the mucous membranes of people with sensitive stomachs.

Note: This article contains General information and may not visit to the doctor replace.

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