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Food makes fat people happy

Normal weight people have a different taste perception when eating chocolate than obese people. This could explain why some people report more food than others, researchers from the University of Iowa in the United States.

The attractiveness of a food decreases as more of it is eaten The first bite of chocolate is better than the tenth, a phenomenon as "sensory-specific Sättigung" is referred to. In order to determine whether the weight of the body plays a role, has been studied the taste perception in 161 normal weight, 78 obese and 51 obese adults. You a piece of chocolate was offered, the taste of which you are rated. You could eat as much as you wanted to, and consumed between two and 51 pieces.

The reviews of taste decreased, in General, after each consumed Chocolate, without a difference in the taste perception between normal and overweight participants was found. Obese participants took at the beginning, however, more to taste true and assessed the subsequent pieces to be higher than individuals with normal or a little Overweight. People were hungrier, had a greater taste perception. Nutritional information prior to the consumption of Chocolate did not spoil the appetite, they had no influence on the taste perception.

"The taste preferences seem to sein&quot significantly different;, Dr. Aaron C. Miller from the Department of epidemiology at the University of Iowa. "Our results show that obese participants had to consume a larger quantity of chocolate than non-obese participants to experience a similar decline in taste perception."