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Five cold-error, everyone has done it once

In the hands of sneezing

In the morning, in the subway. A man sitting opposite, he grimaces, pulls out the rush in the pocket. But too late: He sneezes and holds the Hand in front of the face. A nice gesture actually. It is designed to prevent viruses and bacteria flying through the air. But at the next stop he gets off. And spread the germs on the door handle.

Caught a cold, the hands, coughing or sneezing, can be seen in the cold Season often. However, doctors advise. When coughing and Sneezing countless disease are pathogens, sprays, the glue in the connector on the hands and on shared objects passed on to others. The result: colleagues, family members, but also strangers in the subway to be attached to.

It is better to sneeze into a tissue, dispose of the paper and to wash the hands. No bag is in an emergency, a cloth to Hand, you can cough into the crook of your arm or sneeze, and if possible of other people turn away.