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Eye puffiness: puffy eyes (and Lid edema)

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The most important facts:

  • Swelling the eye common complaints, which can be either acute or chronic in practice.
  • Distinguish one – and two-sided swelling of the eyelids.
  • Eye puffiness can be caused by injury, inflammation of the eye, or through dysfunction of other organ systems.
  • In addition, symptoms can give clues as to the multiple causes of the swelling.
  • Since most people are familiar with a eye swelling as a result of a sleepless night, or high alcohol consumption, it is easy to trivialize the symptoms.
  • In the case of longer-lasting swelling on the eyelid, medical advice should be sought in order to severe diseases and to prevent inflammatory processes extend to more sensitive eye areas.

Most common causes of Lidödeme

For swelling in the eyelid there are a variety of causes. The most common include:

  • Allergies such as pollen Allergy and house dust Allergy
  • mechanical injury,
  • Inflammations such as conjunctivitis,
  • a stye, or chalazion,
  • Cry,
  • a sinus infection,
  • Cold,
  • Thyroid disease,
  • Kidney disease,
  • Cardiovascular Disorders,
  • and hormonal fluctuations at Menstruation.


In a Lid there are several accompanying symptoms. These complaints do not occur in every case, at the same time, it is also possible that the swelling of the eyelid, only one of the following symptoms:

  • Itching,
  • Pain,
  • Tears,
  • Redness,
  • Burn
  • or tension of the skin.

Puffy eyes due to injury

Injury due to pressure or shock is behind the eye swelling, usually bruising of the affected eye. A hematoma around both eyes indicates a fracture of the skull (so-called “Ecchymosis”). In such cases, the Person concerned should leave the breach of urgent medical check-up, to serious damage.

Insect bite

In the case of a Lidschwellung it can also be a insect bite, and it is important, an insect bite Allergy ruled out. The especially fine-layered skin of the upper Eyelid may be severe itching not or scratched, rubbed, because that could cause inflammation.

Inflammation as a cause of the Lidödeme

Eyelid swelling in inflamed eyes the tissue are usually painful. An eyelid swells suddenly in the Form of a red and painful bump of the eyelid skin in the vicinity of the Wimpernrands and even a Eiterhof is maybe not visible, it is most likely a Lidentzündung or a barley grain.

The pain pulsates at the end of eyes swelling, even in case of strong redness, and Palpebral, narrows an abscess is out of the question. Typical of a lacrimal gland inflammation is, however, a painful swollen outer upper eyelid, one or both sides occur. Mostly without pain, but with a feeling of pressure in the node-like chalazion is accompanied, however, at a point where the sebaceous gland is clogged. The chalazion should be removed by the doctor, however, should be a malignant Tumor of the orbit are excluded.

Also contact lenses can introduce germs into the eye, leading to inflammation, which in turn can cause eye swelling.

Lid edema-causes outside of the eye

An inflammation of the sinuses can – sometimes painful – Eye puffiness cause.
Frequently one encounters in the context of an Allergy (e.g. hay fever), swollen eyes. This can also occur within a short period of time (Quincke’s Edema). In the case of an Allergy the Affected suffer almost always, in addition, under the eyes, redness, lacrimation and itching.

As other causes, which are localized outside of the eyes caused by fluid storage in the subcutaneous tissue (Lidödeme), there are still

  • the underactive thyroid (with Myxedema),
  • jammed lymph fluid,
  • Kidney diseases (e.g. Glomerulonephritis, renal failure)
  • or heart failure (with shortness of breath, cough, and weakness).

Lymphatic congestion and Myxedema are rather above the eyes, to find Edema due to dysfunction of heart and kidney rather under the eyes (“eye bags”).

How to prevent eye puffiness?

Daily Hygiene is a matter of course. The eyes should not be used with dirty hands touched, what is to be observed, especially in young children is often difficult. The towels should be washed frequently and not shared with other people.

If it is a purely cosmetic Problem that occurs after a Party or after a sleepless night, the eyes swelling, usually in just a few hours. It is advisable to think beforehand of the eventual consequences and to not overdo it with the consumption of alcohol, especially when alcohol is taking place of enjoyment in rooms full of cigarette smoke. A hygienic life style can reduce the Surprise in front of the mirror the next Morning. It is helpful to drink plenty of water, which stimulates the Lymph.

Measures in case of allergies

Allergy sufferers know very well: those Who want to enjoy a spring walk, has to reckon with side effects. It requires a lot of discipline in order to limit the contact with Pollen. Pollen calendar and current information about the flowering plants can help in correct planning of the activities. Additional measures are advisable: more Frequent change of linen, daily washed hair, separating the clothes, the outside is worn, from the rest of the wardrobe are just some of them. Because of the eye swelling is recommended to wear glasses outside to protect the eyes from the Wind. A house dust Allergy, may cause eye swelling. Here, it is especially Important to free the environment of dust.

If in the case of application of cosmetic products is a swelling of the eye following eyelids, it may be an allergic reaction to some components of cosmetic preparations. In such cases, the products should not be used.

Diet measures

Salty foods contribute to water retention in the body. Especially in the case of kidney disease, it is important to take salt and low – protein food. This also affects the swelling of the eyelids positive.


The therapy is carried out depending on the cause, in any case, serious diseases are ruled out, as well as inflammation, which could, if left untreated, compromise the optic nerve and vision. For most of the above-mentioned problems natural healing available science concepts and natural healing method that can alternatively, or be used as a support. In the case of bacterial infections commonly antibiotics are prescribed in order to avoid the Transmission to other people and more serious diseases of the eye prevent.

Home remedies for swollen eyes

Some of the funds that come as a first aid in case of eye swelling are:

  • Cool,
  • Eye compresses,
  • Eye baths
  • and herbal teas to Liven up the lymphatic flow.

The first relief of symptoms can bring clean, cold water. The Cooling for the eye area designed gel pad is also a method. You should not overdo it with the cold. A popular method is the application of cotton pads that are impregnated with the cooled tea. A tea made of eyebright is suitable, for example, excellent, but also sage or chamomile. Eyebright, Euphrasia is known, as an active ingredient in eye drops for many symptoms such as, for example, dryness of the Eyes helpful. Euphrasia is also ideal for eye baths.

As a quick help, brewed and then cooled tea bag can be used with black tea directly. The black tea but not flavored. Belongs to the house means also the old tried and tested method is to place freshly cut cucumber slices on the eyes. Just, if it is a cold, want to put fresh sage leaves on the root of the nose, an influence for good on the eye swelling. To support the swelling of the eyelids herbal teas that can be drunk throughout the day, as they stimulate the flow of lymphatic fluid.

If the eyes are swelling persists, you should immediately consult a physician to be a serious cause for the swelling to exclude or to treat. (jvs, mj; updated on 14.12.2018)