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Everyday life in Corona times: What is the U.S.-epidemiologists are now back to trust and what not

What I would do, when and where again? Regardless of the officially licensed Corona-relaxations, everyone must decide for himself, how he behaves in the currently quieter Phase of the pandemic. I go to the cinema, or is too risky? I want to mask really long hours shopping? And how should I behave, when in a Demo all of a sudden thousands are close together – like last weekend on Berlin’s Alexanderplatz. Yes, even Hug, I really friends, when we see us after a long Corona-break?


The Corona App is coming too late – but this is exactly the right way

Especially to the last question, a small group of a total of 511 U.S.-epidemiologists and Infectious disease specialists a response that is likely to hardly like anyone of us. Six percent of the New York Times (NYT) interviewed scientists want to actually embrace, never again to friends, or you to the risk of a Corona minimize infection. Mind you, this is not expert advice, but an answer to the questions, how the researchers themselves in their everyday life behavior. To ask the relaxations, which were now in New York, it’s the time to the Hotspot of the pandemic, in effect, the reason for the “NYT”.

Never again to the hairdresser, never return to the Restaurant

20 everyday things should evaluate scientists and how they would behave himself. Three response groups were. Things that will make the majority of the respondents again soon. Activities for a majority of three to twelve months are eligible and the everyday things that scientists are at best in a year, if not later, do it again want.

Perhaps the most amazing result: There is no everyday activity which does not want to do at least a small number of respondents, researchers, indeed, never again! Accordingly, individual respondents ‘ physicians really want to go never again to the hairdresser, or never return to the Restaurant. One or the other will never again be a guest at a wedding or a funeral to attend. Even a visit to the doctor without urgency, emergency, or a visit to the elderly in their home, was excluded from each of the respondents for all of the future. And: Individual epidemiologists said they wanted to leave their children and never returned to the school, or a date with friends.

I think the shaking of hands is dead. I would probably embrace in the distant future, a few personal contacts to welcome, when it is appropriate.

But also the activities that a large group of respondents scientists call the value of “nerver again” want to do, are remarkable: Two percent of respondents never want to go out again with a rather Unknown or a meeting or a Church service to attend. Three percent have decided to never again Post without precautions bringing in, and four per cent never want to enter a gym and, as I said, six percent of the respondents do not believe that you ever wanted to hug friends in greeting, or shake your Hand.

Despite Corona: Soon time again over night stay

The are extremely Cautious. But what are the everyday things most of the scientists interviewed have hardly any concerns? A clear majority wants to get soon back to the Post without precautions clean (64 percent), even without an emergency, go to the doctor (60), a night to travel in compliance with the spacing rules of (56) or a hairdressing salon or Barber Shop visit (41).

Been more careful the professionals in activities under the item “Later, next year” arranged. These things will allow the majority of the respondents at the earliest in three months ‘ time, possibly in a year’s time again. The food in a Restaurant (56 percent), children in the school or on excursions, School (55), to work with others in an office (54) or to allow the children to appointments to (47) are. Similarly, a few months, most of the respondents wait for epidemiologists to attend a small Dinner-Party to the Bus or rail or air travel, to a picnic, to visit elderly relatives in their apartment or go to a gym.

It makes no sense at all to risk the life of people for a Celebration. What would be a tragedy.

When will everything be back to normal?

Especially critical are the respondents, epidemiologists, and infection are lying in six other occupations that you would allow yourself in the majority in a year’s time or later. To do this, especially the visit to a concert or a sporting event (64 percent) heard. Also wait any longer wants to quit, a majority of respondents up to you, routinely mouth-nose-to-wear coverings to (52) or a Church service want to participate (43). Also wait for these scientists to participate until you once again meet someone who you do not know well, at a wedding or funeral, and to your friends as a greeting hug or shake your Hand.

Although older people are exposed to an increased risk of developing Covid-19 hard, we also need to be of the actual risk of loneliness consciously.

All these answers you have to note that the United States were later and much heavier than Germany, taken from the Corona of a pandemic. Also the answers should not be read as a rigid calendar, quoted by the “NYT” Kristi McClamroch of the University of Albany. “Fresh air, sunshine, meeting people and healthy activities for my mental health and my physical Fitness is just as important” as the caution before the Virus, supplemented Anala Gossai, a scientific employee of a company for the use of health technology.

The people asked again and again, when everything is normal will be, says T. Christopher Bond from the Bio-pharmaceutical company Bristol Meyers Squibb. “First of all, I have always said: ‘The world has changed, and will remain for a long time. This is the crisis of our lives and we must deal with it’,” says Bond of the “NYT”. “But she’s depressed only. Now I say: ‘Now, every day we know more.'”

Source: New York Times

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