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Every Sixth receives a stomach acid blocker

Doctors prescribe too often, stomach acid blockers. The analysis of the Barmer health insurance Fund for the MIRROR showed.

The drugs inhibit the gastric acid distribution almost completely and are thus very effective against stomach ulcers and heartburn. With long term use, however, dangerous side effects such as bone fractures due to osteoporosis or a severe magnesium deficiency, which can lead to heart rhythm disturbances, and seizures threaten. (Click here to read the whole story in the new MIRROR.)

In 2015, the merciful, had been prescribed the drugs, called proton pump inhibitors, in Germany alone, approximately 13.4 million people – one in every six inhabitants.

It’s not just the Elderly that get the agent: In some States one in ten women between 20 and 29 years, an acid blocker prescription. Thus, the number of prescribed days between 2006 and 2015, doses more than tripled. To do this, you must also add the proton pump inhibitors, which are bought by patients without a prescription to the pharmacy.

Often without a valid reason administered

The recipe flood could not medically justify, so gracious-in-chief Christoph Straub in the MIRROR, she was “neither a result of rising incidence rates still to be explained by demographic factors.”

An evaluation of the Association of accredited physicians in Bavaria showed that, of the roughly 500 million daily doses of acid blockers, which are prescribed in Bavaria every year, about 70 percent are prescribed in case of complaints, for which you even are not allowed, such as in bloating or Belching. In hospitals, the funds will be administered frequently without a valid reason.

Proton pump inhibitors can be discontinued after prolonged use it will be very difficult. Duration-eaters going on, according to the study, only 14 to 64 percent of the cases of this again.

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