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Dozens of excavators in use: China wants to build two hospitals in a few days

China is known for its impressive construction projects. This is shown particularly in times of crisis – currently the spread of the Coronavirus.

Within a few days to two hospitals in Wuhan are to be created.

On 3. February is one of the clinics can be up to 1000 patients.

The Model for the hospitals is based on the crisis management of 2003, when the SARS Virus broke out in Beijing.


At the time, a clinic in a week. There are around one-seventh of all SARS was handled cases in China.

The metropolis of Wuhan and the Region Hubei isolated from the Rest of the world.

According to official data, about 2,700 people are already with the Coronavirus infected. The number of deaths in China rises to 81.

Even if the speed might impress, is China again and again because of its lack of labour protection conditions in the criticism.

According to Amnesty International, the migrant workers are treated on construction sites such as work slaves.